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    WTB oil cooler

    Am I searching for FordGold?
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    WTB oil cooler

    Hello, I`m looking for a NOS 2R3V-6A642-AA oil cooler. Thank you
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    Been a while

    Wanna buy a Cobra? lol. Sorry to here you had to sell, hope the miles were enjoyable.
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    Dirty sauf!

    Saw a Lincoln Navigator with gigantor wheels get cleaned off the top of a car hauler. Brought a little tear of joy to my eye....
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    Some decient pics of the new beater.

    Why not a turbo 2.3?
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    Some decient pics of the new beater.

    Cool! Have`nt seen a Capri in about 20 years.
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    OH NO!!! (GRAND AM Bumper) Mark is on CG!

    Nah, He was a bodyman. Knew what he was doing.
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    Mark8 vs Harley

    V Rod = Porsche Engineering. Standard HD V-Twin = Overpriced. Hondukiaki`s = Bang for the Buck. Pick your Poison
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    Mark Viii vs Mustang

    Lotus Super 7. There is absolutely no way to compare the genius of one of Colin Chapmans "Light makes Might" designs, with a Mark.
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    OMG... This is definitely RARE! (Check out the body kit)

    I`d rather have LIVE Cheetah floor mats. Perhaps they would rip out my throat on the test drive.......
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    Brembo teaser...

    Did they have new pads in them for the test fit? I once put a set of wheels on one of my trucks with 50% pads, when i changed the pads..... the wheels wouldnt fit.. Out came the grinder.
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    NEW pictures of my 97

    On one of my trips to Florida, I made it down to Miami...... Never even bothered to check in anywhere, it was just to crowded for me... I prefer the middle and top of the state to the bottom. lol
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    Mandrel exhaust systems kit and Rear IRS brace... whos done it?

    Why not run the pipes and build a new brace?
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    Which buisiness card?

    When your reputation grows, the card won`t matter. I chose 1. If you were local to me, my Cobra would already be in your shop. Working 6 nights a week is cutting into maintenance and improvement time.
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    thought id share

    10 minutes from it, and I rarely go... I liked the old strip better.
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    I hope someone doesnt buy this

    Passenger side exhaust tip? Looks strange??
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    I trust you guys here so of these hree what one should I get?

    It could be made into a really classy UTE for a shop truck. lol
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    bought a new ride.

    Well, I guess Sapper could be right about Mustangs being Girls cars....... I know when I put my foot into it, Mine just WWWHHHIIIIIINNNEEESSSSSS!!!!
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    bought a new ride.

    MGW Orange is what I have. slides right into 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th like butter. Dual Disc didn`t hurt either. lol