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    My other car

    Interior: *Red accent lighting under dash and rear seats *Cup holder lights up red *Red LED's in Map Lights *TWM Leather shifter (Black Leather with Red Stitching) *Redlinegoods Leather shift boot with red stitching *AutoVation Insert Series Custom Pedals with Heel Guard *Custom Wrapped...
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    Problem with THX navigation unit

    So on new years my navigation unit's screen decided that it didn't want to work anymore (was working before that). The radio still works, volume works, steering wheel controls work, and all the buttons light up. The screen on the unit is black but the backlight still works. The buttons on...
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    Oil on spark plug electrode (LS V8)

    I replaced all of my spark plugs and COP's about four days ago because of hesitation and a constant misfire. When i pulled the plugs they were all rusty and were completely black (Previous owner probably never changed them). I put in new autolite double platinum plugs as those were the ones that...
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    New member saying hello

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I drive a 2003 Lincoln LS V8 with 166K on the clock and a 2004 Mazda 6s (weekend fun car). I recently ran into some problems with my lincoln and when i searched it on Google i came to this site. I'm still trying to work out the problems but im confident it...