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    FS: 00-02 V6 Tune-up Kit

    FS: 00-02 V6 Tune-up Kit 50.00 plus shipping!
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    FS: 00-02 V6 tune-up kit

    FS: 00-02 V6 tune-up kit Sold the car a while back and this is still in the garage. I have still in the box from MAX at 5 star ford: 6 Motocraft Plugs (SP-470) 2 XW4Z-9439-AD Upper Intake Gaskets 2 XW4Z-9H486-AC Lower Intake Gaskets 1 XW4Z-6584-DA Outer Valve Cover Gasket 1 XW4Z-6584-EA...
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    Sold the LS!

    I sold the Lincoln today. So I no longer need to sell the senta rims. There was no way I could pass up this oppurtunity to unload LS for the cash I was offered. It kinda happened by accident, joking about selling my car and they just happen to be looking for a car after running into some money...
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    FS: 20" Chrome Jaguar Senta's

    Need to get rid of these ASAP!
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    FS: 20" Chrome Jaguar Senta's

    I have a set of chrome Jaguar Senta replicas for sale. They have about 1K miles on them. Just purchased in August 09 for just under 1600. They are wrapped in SUMITOMO HTR III 245/35. They are great looking wheel, one of the best I think. I am looking to get 800.00 plus shipping, or you can pick...
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    Spark plug ?

    Has anyone tried indexing the spark plugs on these cars.
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    Looking to sell rims...

    I want to sell my rims. I am giving the car to my daughter for her birthday. Just going to stick the stockers back on it before hand. They are brand new. I bought them in August and have yet to put 1k miles on them. I paid 1600 with tires and would like to get 1200 for them. PM me if interested...
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    Picked up 100 hp...

    You know what they say, If you want to go fast... get something that can!
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    Need some parts...

    I am looking for a hood from a GEN I, the rear bumber and trunk lid/tail lights off a GEN II. My car had some hail damage back in 05 and the insurance boned me after being overseas for 3 years. I thought about just selling the car but it only has 63K miles on it and has been a great car. So I...
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    Got some new toys!

    I picked up some new rims today. I need to get some tires this weekend. I was thinking of going with 245/35 20s. Not to sure about what brand of tire to go with though. Any help would be great, thanks. I also bought a new car for my wife, Mazda CX-9 grand touring edition. Came with 20s, 3.7...
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    Back in the LS after 3 years in storage!

    So after 3 years of the LS being in storage, I finally got to give her bath. A few picks are attached. Still having problems with the fuel gauge. Probably going to have to replace the fuel sending unit. I also made a deal with my wife... I can pick-up some wheels just have to buy her some boobs...
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    Problem with fuel gauge...

    Has anyone had any problems with the fuel gauge? I picked mine up from storage, filled the tank and it still shows empty with the gas light on :confused:. The needle has moved a couple of times but it ultimately goes back down to empty. Is the sending unit accessible from the bottom of the car...
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    ? about 19" rim fitment

    Will a 19X10, with a 52mm offset fit in rear of this pig? Not that it will need that much rubber in the rear. I just think it would look cool. I found a Japanese rim that will fit the LS. A 19x8, 42mm offset in the front and a 19x10, 52mm offset in the rear. If the 10" won't fit in the rear I...
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    18" Antera wheels 4 sale

    I remember someone else wanting these, so here is the link. Not sure if the bolt pattern is correct.
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    Will a 275/35 19 fit in the rear?

    What would the offset have to be for this 9.5" wide wheel to fit in the rear of the LS? Like I said it is a 275/35 19.
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    Air suspension idea's... thoughts anyone?

    Well I was looking into an airbag suspension vice the shockwave stlye (kind of an airbag strut). Do you guys think it would be possible to put an airbag with a metal pipe/tube to take the place of the factory shock, relocate the shock to the outside of the suspension? Just a thought. Airbags...
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    What's up guys?

    Just thought I would drop a line from Japan to see how things are going in the LS community. :)
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    What's up guys?

    Still have the LS. She is in storage till June 2009. Didn't have the heart to sell it. Going to be looking for a Nissan Skyline while in Japan to ease the pain. L8R
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    WTS: HIDs and angel eye inverters...

    9006 HIDs, bought them off e-bay. I've had them on my car for about four months. Work great. $100.00. PM if your interested. The car is going to its new owner on the 26th. Inverters are brand new, never used. Bought them as replacements but never needed them. $10.00. PM if interested.
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    Anyone want 3" aluminum tubing...

    I have 2 peices of aluminum tubing that are 18" long with a 90 degree mandrel bend in each. There are three, 3" to 3" couplers and four, 3" to 3.5" couplers. The tubes are polished. Make me an offer if intrested. Cleaning house.