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  1. twinbopilot

    '06 LS, 73K, Elite package - $4500

    Its in Dallas, and its my car. I would give an LVCer a discount if you want to tackle this challenge. Somebody who already has a spare motor could really make out like a bandit on this one!
  2. twinbopilot

    Grinding noise from transmission area - SOLVED!

    I had a bad grinding noise coming from what seemed to be under the shifter. The noise was heard during acceleration, and when the car was in gear. It was a metallic grinding sound, not pretty at all. After reading a few posts on LVC, I suspected my torque converter (TC) had gone south. One...
  3. twinbopilot

    Unlocking of new ECU - advise?

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I have an '06 LS with 73K that I bought really cheap due to its being a flood car. Car is silver with tan leather, fully loaded. It looks great, and I couldn't otherwise afford a 2006 LS so I took a gamble on this one. I need to unlock a new ECU, and...
  4. twinbopilot

    Bought a '98 LSC with 62K - Pics

    Well I finally found that "perfect" LSC I've been looking for. Its 98, silver with grey leather, chrome wheels, pretty much every option except heated seats. The car has been garaged since new, and has only 62k miles. I have owned many Mark's, but now I feel like I know how they drove when...
  5. twinbopilot

    Epic fail

    The Lincoln MKT is an epic fail. So sad to see the once great Lincoln reduced to being largely irrelevant.
  6. twinbopilot

    Anybody know where I can get a Gen 1 v-8???

    I know lots of you guys are junkyard trolls like me. Does anyone know of a running Gen 1 3.9 V-8 for sale at a reasonable price, meaning $1000 or less? Thanks to any and all who try to help.
  7. twinbopilot

    Gen 2 LS electric fan FS - Perfect for conversion from hydraulic

    Gen 2 electric fan and shroud, pulled from junkyard, tested to work. Perfect for converting your Gen 1 hydraulic fan system when it fails, as it inevitably will. One minor crack in shroud, nothing that would effect functionality. Price $100 plus actual shipping cost.
  8. twinbopilot

    WTB - 1st gen 3.9 V-8

    I found a super clean 2001 Sport with 110K, but the timing chain broke and it broke a piston (according to the seller anyways). Seller wants $1500, which may work if I can find another 3.9 at a good price. I'm in the Dallas area. Thanks for reading this. PS - Anyone know how hard would it be...
  9. twinbopilot

    Need pop-up wind deflector replacement for moon roof

    Well hope everyone has been doing well in the new year. My wind deflector broke on my moonroof. I'm referring to the factory one that stores beneath the moonroof and pops up when you open the roof. The Ford part # is xw4z54500a26aa. Its 500A26B on the following diagram: Max at Five Star...
  10. twinbopilot

    2000 Sport 212K knocking motor - $1000

    Looked at a 2000 LS Sport this afternoon. Guy's asking $1000 OBO. Car has 212K. Motor has a bad timing chain that has caused it to jump the sprocket. In other words, the motor runs, but poorly because its not in time. There is a knocking from the passenger rear side of the engine. It does...
  11. twinbopilot

    My new favorite color Mark VIII...

    NOT! ;) Saw this parked in my 'hood and did a double take - grabbed a quick pick with my Blackberry as I shook my head in total disbelief...
  12. twinbopilot

    Am I going insane to want this classic Mark?

    $2500? That interior looks NICE! I can see it now - bagged on 22's with a killer system and all sorts of LED lighting, inside and out...with that fuel-efficient 460! LOL!
  13. twinbopilot

    Is this the rarest oem mark viii wheel?

    I've never seen those wheels before. They're on a '97 Gen II, I assume they came with the car. Anybody know anything about them?
  14. twinbopilot

    Car Show Pictures part Deux

    The Corsicana car show last weekend was well-covered by Laser's camera, but I wanted to add a few of my own. There are some under-hood shots of the Mark VIII's, which was missing from the other thread. Overall it was a nice show...until they gave the Fiero an award in our class :mad: Follow...
  15. twinbopilot

    Props to LaserSVT and Sapperfire

    After the Corsicana carshow (well covered in another thread by Laser), Laser invited me and Sapperfire back to his place in the country. We made a Lincoln Mark VIII convoy out into the Texas countryside. Those twisty Texas country roads really allow you to test the limits of your car! My...
  16. twinbopilot

    LED front turn signals question

    I bought some amber dual-stage 3157 48 bulb LEDs off Feebay and installed in clear corner headlights. Looks killer but stays on "Bright" all the time, even though its a two-stage 3157 bulb. I wired in resistors, spliced between the ground and the "major" wire (turn signal), but still throws a...
  17. twinbopilot

    Where can I get this part for the front bumper cover?

    2001 LS Sport - I just noticed mine missing. See the hole where the part used to be? It could have fallen off I suppose, but I think it got taken off in a parking lot by someone. Does anyone have one of these for sale?
  18. twinbopilot

    WTB: Gray leather driver bottom seat cover

    Any year 2000-2006 Lincoln LS Need the seat bottom cover only, but will take the whole seat cover.
  19. twinbopilot

    OBDII Scanner software

    I recently bought a USB to OBDII adapter to hook my car to my pc. It came with some very basic free programs, but I'd like to know if anyone out there is a using better program they can recommend. I'd like real time sensor reading, Ford specific codes, etc if I can get it.
  20. twinbopilot

    Replaced secondary cam chain tensioner, now what???

    '01 V8 Sport Model - Bought the car last week with an engine issue. Determined it to be the secondary cam chain tensioner. Had the usual issues of knocking from right side of engine, rough idle, random misfire codes, bank one lean code, etc. Replaced the tensioner yesterday. Since the...