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    gen 2 praire tan parts

    do you have the trim that goes around the pull handle for the factory sunroof or maybe` it's an insert? I don't know because mine is missing. Thanks, Mike
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    Just bought a 98 LSC Black on Black-rebuilding trans

    Baumann, Call Geno he's close enough to you and he can get the kit installed. Mike P.S. The octastar cap looks good on Ross's car.
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    97 lsc muffler replacement?

    Call Geno @ lms
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    Attn All Gold Members and ADMIN

    Oh Man, I know it's April Fools Day but that was rough, Gotta be a good good friend to joke like that. I know I do it with my friends all the time, we can really be a terrible lot sometimes.
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    gen 2 praire tan parts

    Did the car have a sunroof?
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    TPS vs IAC... WTF?!?!? REALLY?!?!?!?

    +1 Bad TPS does very wierd things
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    New Mark VIII LSC owner

    Well sometimes, like yesterday, I feel like Laser's black cloud drifted over to me here in NY. I'm hoping it passes today with the rain. It always gets around.
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    A white smoke problem and no acceleration / shaking

    I would really try to get it up in the air and look @ it from underneath check for trans fluid leak and be pulling 8 plugs to see if anybody looks wet and check your antifreeze level
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    He's probably putting the exhaust on my car right now and not on the computer, but I'll tell him about it tomorrow. I think you should check with him first. It is his.
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    Rear window seal gasket

    Jamie, please let us know how it works out, if you do it before me. Thanks, Mike
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    Rear window seal gasket

    That kit has been the first thing under auto parts for sale right here for a while now. I think I'll try it this spring, It's cheap enough.
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    Gen 2 LED Tail Light build for Sequential

    That's cool. Have you thought about putting a diffuser on the back of the red lense, something like a waxed paper transparency, it may take away some of the harshness of the brake light and blend all of the lights together in a softer light. Just an idea, since you went this far. Lot of thought...
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    Exhaust sound clip.

    That's only gotta sound good to you, If you like it and the passengers don't they can walk or use there own car. But you might need a light on that camera. Can't wait for my car to come back with some new LMS exhaust on it this week
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    Owner's Manual Wanted

    You could check ebay, there usually on there
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    Just landed another 98 LSC.....

    It's just bleeding after it was punched in the nose. Good luck with it. Thank God we have trucks to haul these things around if need be.
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    Found her

    You would think to ask that much they'd put the wheels on right.
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    Rough Idle Issues

    scan for a code number.
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    Throttle probs

    +2 and have a fuel filter ready to change, you might get lucky
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    That sucks, but if you hit one of my snowbanks here in NY you would have peeled off your fenders, ours are like solid ice underneath now. Call Eddie Spinks.