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    Saying Goodbye / Paying it forward

    Sadly the LS is gone. She was a great car and I will miss her, but it was her time to go. Needed to upgrade to accommodate housing change and more importantly the wife's wishes. The woman who bought her got a helluva deal for how good of condition she was in. I couldn't have made it this...
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    Reccomend me a Mustang forum

    Hey guys. I've been looking around for a good mustang forum and don't know where to start. I've come to appreciate this forum for being so laid back yet extremely knowledgable when the time comes, and would like to find a similar one for the venerable pony car. Just for information, mine is a...
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    Lincoln LS rims

    For sale are 4 16" aluminum alloy rims from a 2000 Lincoln LS. The rims are sound, I'm just upgrading and have no need for them anymore. These would be perfect snow rims for your ride. Tires are included, they arn't new by any means but perfectly fine to drive around for a few months or right...
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    LSD differential... Success!

    So I tackled the differential swap this weekend. The bearing were going out on my old diff and the LSD was a "might as well" project. The whole project went alot smoother than i anticipated, without a hiccup. Out with the old 3.31: Tip for those attempting this, you dont have to press out...
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    Too many Exterior trim options!!!

    I'm looking to restore/dress up the exterior trim on my LS. With the plethora of products available, i was looking for some guidance as to what works well and what doesnt. Heres, some of the products I was looking at. 303 Aerospace protectant Chemical Guys Extreme V.R.T. Chemical Guys...
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    Help!!! Ball Joints and Wheel bearings

    Help!!! We're working on the front lower ball joints, the knuckle is off but we cant figure out how to remove the hub from the knuckle. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Help!!! Ball Joints and Wheel bearings

    We're working on the ball joints, and we can't figure out how to get the hub off of the knuckle. Any help would be appreciated!!
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    First time at the track

    Went to the track for the very first time. Great time, lots of sweet cars, good races. My car number was 620. The first race (yellow) was against an orange GTO judge, the second run (white) was against an 07 mustang. The mustang was new off the lot, still had the dealer plate on it. Talked...
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    Clouded Headlights

    I attempted to clear up my left headlight tonight. I used Meguire's "PlastX" which you can find at any local auto parts store. It certainly improved the appearance of the headlight, visibly reducing the amount of clouding. However its still not nearly as clear as the right headlight...
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    Painted My Lower Grille

    After seeing some cars on here with the lower grille painted, i decided i liked the look. With some advice from Pektel (thanks btw) i took on the project this weekend. All in all, a cheap project that looks pretty slick. Everyone ive asked about has wondered why Lincoln didnt just paint it...
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    Quick question about cabin filter

    Is there a difference between the cabin filters between 00-02 & 03-06? They seem to be separated on alot of sites.
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    Fender Vent Holes?

    I was at Meijer tonight with my finance buying groceries and came across this beauty(?), Thoughts? Comments? vomiting? Just thought I'd share with you. Sorry for the poor quality, its from my cell.
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    Audio wiring help

    I have a 2000 v8, premium sound. Im planning on upgrading my stereo here shortly (once it gets somewhat warm out) and had an interesting theory. When you typically install your new deck, you lose the function of the center console speakers. Most people couldnt care less about these, but i...
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    New rims & upgrades.

    Finally got around to taking some pics. 17" Enkei rims Dunlop Winter Sport M3 Hoen Xenonmatch Plus bulbs the rims have center caps, i just haven't got around to putting them on.
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    Tire noob

    Okay, I know nothing about tires, nothing. I have a 2000 V8 non-sport. When looking up the tire sizes on, I get 215/60-16. Is this right? The reason im asking is that im looking to buy a set of rims from this guy with tires, their size is 225/45-17. I know the sport LS's came...
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    Climate Control question

    Has anyone noticed how the a/c comes on every time you change the mode of air travel? Even if the temp is set on 85? Is there any way to fix this? Its not a big deal but its really starting to annoy me. thanks for the help everyone!
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    Heated Seat Question

    quick question. Someone please explain why when i turn on the driver side heated seat the light that comes on is green, but when i turn on the passenger heated seat, the light that comes on is orange. I have a 2000 v8 with pretty much every option. Thanks guys.
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    Speaker problems

    So heres my situation. I bought the car recently and i love it. It has the 12 speaker audio option with the cd changer in the glove box. However, only 4 of the speakers are working, the console and rear deck ones. When the volume is turned way up, you can faintly hear some sound coming from...