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    Wanted 90-92 blue steering wheel

    Like the title says, let me know if you have one, thanks.
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    For Sale 1990 lincoln mark vii

    White with blue interior, car has 138839 miles on it. It was sitting for awhile and i brought it back from the dead. Air suspension works and does not leak, no idiot lights on, brakes work, has factory carr phone, working marchal fog lights pm me or email me for more info. car...
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    For Sale 90-92 mark vii red interior

    Almost complete with the exception of the dashboard. I have the carpet, seatbelts, front and rear seats, qp trim panels, sunvisors, headliner, pillar trims, glovebox, steering wheel, door panels, package tray console and floor trims. The interior is an 8 to 9. No rips, burns, tears. I can email...
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    For Sale FS- complete lincoln mark 8 exhaust

    Came off my 98 mark 8. Complete manifold back. 2.50 inch with MagnaFlow stainless x style center muffler, and 2 rear polished MagnaFlow mufflers. It may have 1000 miles on it. Fully welded. Aluminized steel, compression bent. Located in central nj. $200. Text me at 19179026176. Or you can email...
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    For Sale parting out 98 mark 8 base(lots of performance parts)

    Well I have not been on in awhile due to my 2 year old twins, but I am parting out my 98 mark 8, with 130k on the clock. It is green with prairie tan interior. I will start taking it apart next week, here are some of the parts. Hid headlamps--150 each Rear neon--SOLD Left/right mirrors--50 each...
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    For Sale For sale-sct tuner p/n3000

    Unlocked 400 shipped, used on my 98 mark 8. Email me at
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    98 mark 8 brake lines

    Well last week I'm driving to work and a jeep cuts in front of me. I step on the brakes and the pedal almost goes to the floor. I narrowlymiss rear ending the jeep. I pull over and sure enough I'm leaking brake fluid from the lines by the gas tank. I called unlined tube and they have no listing...
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    why does the aviator get such poor mileage?

    so me and my wife are considering buying a truck. Our requirements are 4wd and a 3rd row. I started looking at the mazda cx-9 and the subaru tribeca which i really like, but i dont like the 35k+ sticker, so then it dawns on me a lincoln aviator would be alot cheaper. so i started looking at 2005...
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    Wtb-1 piece mark 8 driveshaft

    Shoot me a price shipped to 07731.
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    Green would be great, send me a pm with price.
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    To keep my 70 cutlass or sell it

    here is my dilemma. i have a 1970 olds cutlass that needs quite a bit of work. I am at a crossroads because im not sure which direction i should take. The engine, transmission and suspension are done. The body on the other hand needs quite a bit of work, it will need fender patches, lower...
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    E-town this friday??

    im headin over friday night. my buddies are bringin out there 2010 gt and 2010 370z. im bringin my mark 8 to see what she turns.
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    FS-98 mark 8 base w/mods.

    Green with light prairie interior, 128k miles, last year i converted it to coil springs, new upper and lower arms, rear shocks. 3 months ago i changed the water pump, radiator, idler, tensioner, belt and p/steering pump. It has a few mods including addco rear sway bar, rear scp brace, front scp...
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    I am now a nj resident!!

    not really lincoln related, however they are all coming with me. I just wanted to say me and my wife officially closed on our home in howell, nj. Hopefully i will be in by beginning of november. Anyone else in the area?
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    epoxy garage floor coating

    anyone do there garage? what brand did you use and what were the results? i think im leading to armor floor. i also looked at u-coat it.
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    e-town this wed??

    anyone down for e-town this wednesday??
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    valve cover gaskets

    Just wanted to put in my fyi, i just did the valve cover gaskets on my mark8. Though it did take alot of patience, i managed to get them off without breaking anything. On the drivers side i unbolted the master cylinder, i loosened the brake booster, and also loosend the wiper motor. That gave me...
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    bolt on(mostly) cat back for mark8

    just noticed scp is selling a cat back kit for our cars. anyone order one up yet? i wonder if he just sells the pipes seperatly(i have a mid muffler already)
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    tapping noise

    ok this past week i'd figure id treat my mark 8 to a new radiator(it had a slow leak), new water pump, 200 amp alternator, and a set of underdrive pulleys. It all went smooth, but when i started it i noticed a rather loud tapping coming from the passenger side of the engine. I took the belt off...
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    FS-nib BBK underdrive pulleys

    part number bbk 1555, never used, i paid 150 for them, 125 shipped.