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    hey guys yes a another coil question lol

    hey guys i got the question i know someone has said in the past but. i was doing some reading i no everyone says the factory coil is good but i was wondering has anyone personal tried the msd coils. i know there a lot more money but i was just wondering
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    1998 lincoln continental

    The car will not switch from defrost to feet or anything else. Also keep changing the belt car still has a squeak. Please let me know thanks
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    looking for factory hid

    hey guys im looking for a set of bra nd new factory hid bulbs. if anyone can help me find them that would be great mine work i just want to get a set of factory so i can have them as spares. thanks guys
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    My new mark is club owners old car

    hey guys so i was doing a little cleaning of the new car and i found a paper from the owner before me. He only had the mark a short time. anyways i called him bc i found a bill with his name and number. We talked for about a 1/2 hour and told me the car us to belong to a club president but he...
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    hey speaker questions

    hey guys i was doing a little looking around and im up grading my stereo in the mark. starting with the speakers im putting 6 1/2 components in the doors. and im putting tweeters in the factory location using the factory tweeter housing. i was wondering if anyone else has done this. would love...
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    hey guys fluid types and coil questions

    hey guys im looking to change every fluid in the mark i got. i just dont know what gear fluid to use not brand type 75-90-75-140. i am putting gta lma dot 4 brake fluid and i like royal purple. plus i get it for 1/2 the price so why not. please help me guys Also i know there is alot of talk...
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    hey guys got noise in the new car

    hey guys i got some noise in the front of the car when i make turns. checked the power steering fluid. and its perfect. almost sounds like a bad bushing or somthing in that nature.
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    GOT my 98 mark viii lsc

    hey guys i finally got my mark viii lsc today. its red with tan,has sunroof and heated seats with 130k stole it for 1800 needs blend door. neon works cup holder great shape and on factory air. head lights are mint. and i found it 3 miles away from my home . and guess what has no rust. and its a...
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    Mark viii cant find

    hey guys i know i have been on here many times. im looking for a 98 lsc in the new york nj pa boston area. im not going to florida or other places so please done say that to me. im looking for a project to do. its ok if the neon light does not work. if it needs a blend door. would love to have a...
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    brake upgrade

    hey guys dident get my mark yet but a friend has a set of cobra brakes and im woundering if they will fit and what i need to make them work
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    hey guys found a 49k mark viii bad head gasket

    hey guys i found a 98 with 49k. was told it needs head gaskets. witch i have no problem doing but can you guys tell me what i should do keep factory heads. or should i got cobra. if i wanted to swap a cobra motor from a 99-00 what else would i have to change to make it work please let me know...
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    some questions motor swap

    hey guys i have been looking for a car but no luck with anything out there yet. i found a 98 base with blown head gaskets. car only has 49k on it. question is do i rebuild it or say **** it and get a cobra motor. like a 99 cobra or somthing or say **** that and go stright for a 04 cobra lol...
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    looking for factory front struts

    hey guys looking to buy a car and driver side front strut leaks over night. but they are factory. does anyone know someone that will rebuild the factory ones or can i get nos please help me guys
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    looking for a mark 8 lsc

    hey guys names matt i had a 06 ls that i sold to dav on here. now im looking for a 97-98 mark base or lsc with low miles and the right price. i know the car market and not looking to get ass ****. if anyone see's one let me know please im in the new york area. thanks guys
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    looking to buy a 97 lsc have some questions

    hey guys im looking to buy a 97 mark 8 lsc red with tan. 118k rear bags leak down after three days and driver seat he said is mest up also said the seal on back window is no good. please help me looking to find the parts i need not sure were to get them and is it worth buying i can get for 800
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    looking for a 97-98 mark 8 lsc

    hey guys like the thread says i live in long island and looking for a 97-98 lsc im not really picky on color if the price is right i would love to have a blue one or a silver one but does not matter. and somthing with around 100k on it please help me out thanks guys
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    Thinking about getting ride of the ls for a mks please help

    Hey guys I'm thinking about getting ride of my ls for a mks fully loaded but I'm not 100% sure I have always loved the car but not sure please help with any info you guys have on the mks thanks guys
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    brake pads

    hey im looking to change my pads im not happy with them i first had the ebc reds they sucked then i put factorys back on not really happy with them i wont somthing that will give me a nice bite i have the ebc slotted rotors. i was thinking of either axis pads or stoptech pads or akebono pads...
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    hey guys do mks wheels fit on ls

    hey guys im looking at the mks wheels and was woundering if you guys think they would fit right. just a question
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    Might Have to sell the ls.

    Hey guys im sad to say but i may have to sell my ls. i know i talked about it before but that was just to see if i wanted to get something new. But now something has come up with my family and it just might have to go. I have had this car from 06 and its never been in the rain or the snow. i...