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  1. Markviiiedrea

    WTB: Coolant Crossover tubes

    Looking for a few coolant crossover tubes to play with. I don't care if they are rusted just not dented. Let me know if you have any.
  2. Markviiiedrea

    For Sale Gen One Grill

    I have several in same/simular condition. $100 plus shipping/paypal fees.
  3. Markviiiedrea

    For Sale Factory HID bulb

    Tested, works great. $75 Shipped.
  4. Markviiiedrea

    For Sale C&L MAF and conical filter.

    I have a C&L MAF and conical filter for sale, used but still in great condition. $150 OBO plus the ride. Located in Minneapolis.
  5. Markviiiedrea

    For Sale 1994 Mark VIII

    201K, good for parts. Can be driven but wouldn't go more the 50 miles. She is very rusty but runs and drives. I'm not parting it out at the moment, I would like to just sell as a whole. $900 OBO, located in Minneapolis MN
  6. Markviiiedrea

    New wheels and stuff

    Hub swaped and put 2012 GT500 wheels on with some Nitto555 tires.
  7. Markviiiedrea

    For Sale 1996 LSC headlight, 1993 Mark VIII Door sil plates, W3Z2 computer

    1) 1996 Mark VIII, Right side, LSC headlight housing $150 shipped OBO 2) 1993 Mark VIII Door sil plates (only year with Mark VIII script on them) $50 shipped 3) 1993 Mark VIII W3Z3 PCM (computer) $75 shipped OBO
  8. Markviiiedrea

    FS: 2004 Lincoln Mark X

    Set up to be sold on November 14/15th. Now if I could only find that hundred grand I had stashed away...
  9. Markviiiedrea

    Car Craft Summer Nationals 2014 St Paul MN

    Car craft is the same weekend as the WI meet but I prefer Car Craft because it's bigger and closer. I got my registration allready and I know of two, possibly three Mark VIII's that will be there. Just wondering if any others would like to join us. $45 for 3 days of 5000 muscle cars...
  10. Markviiiedrea

    After Market HID Ballest Mounting

    Was wondering where some on you have mounted your after market ballest? Could you post up a few pictures? I have them in my lows and my highs in my 95 LSC. I don't have a brackets so I'm thinking about zip ties or Velcro.
  11. Markviiiedrea

    For Sale W3Z2 Computer

    $60 shipped
  12. Markviiiedrea

    For Sale 93 Drive Shaft, gen 1 intake, cross over tube, etc...

    93 one piece drive shaft $100 shipped Gen I intake with TB and IMRC $75 shipped Cross over tube $40 shipped Mark VIII fan $75 shipped Steering column with key $100
  13. Markviiiedrea

    For Sale Mark VIII Door Handle & Hard Button EATC

    3 96 Continental (Thick) door handles (Passenger chrome one has a crack in one of the rod holes) Chrome Pair $65 (Shipped in the 48) Individual $35 (Shipped in the 48) Chrome Crack in rod hole Drivers Side Both Climate controls will work in Gen I's 95 Hard Button EATC & a 96 EATC $55...
  14. Markviiiedrea

    For Sale Gen One Parts Sale

    I have some parts that are extras and need to go. I would like PayPal for faster transactions otherwise MO will work if your willing to wait. Make me reasonable offers ON the following... Curtsey lens (no broken tabs) Amp from a 95 Mark VIII Door Panel (some...
  15. Markviiiedrea

    For Sale Mark VIII Air ride conversion kit

    $300 Plus S&H
  16. Markviiiedrea

    Mark with a coyote

    Saw this on Facebook, don't know much on it. But now there is proof it's been done.
  17. Markviiiedrea

    MSRA Back to the 50's

    I know most of you local guys know but just putting it out there again. Back to the 50's is one of the largest car shows in the US. Takes place in St Paul MN this weekend. On average there is about 12,000 cars all 1964 and older. A very cool experience for anyone who can make it. For More...
  18. Markviiiedrea

    Corn Free Gas

    In my "T", small engines and in my my Mark I try to run Non-Ethanol gas just because it runs better in those machines and is worth the extra ₵20-30 IMHO. I found a great website with an Android/iPhone app for locating stations near you that sell the good stuff. Just thought I would share. :)...
  19. Markviiiedrea

    Wheels That Fit Mark VIII's

    As stated on another thread, this hopefully will be a collective of wheels/tires that people have successfully put on their Marks. This can be anything from using a wider tire on factory wheels or rims with slicks on them. So let’s keep it simple. Only post wheel and tire combination that...
  20. Markviiiedrea

    What is it Worth to You?

    To have Gen One headlights re-chromed, not the trim-brite stuff but actually getting the housing reflectors re-plated?