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  1. pepperman

    Sorry about not being around

    Sorry peeps for not being around more but work has been a pain in the ass lately I lost part of my job in August and my income was cut in half. I will try to be on more but i don't know when.
  2. pepperman

    Battery Draining

    Something is causing a drain on my battery. I got it tested tonight and the battery was good, what they told me was that the alternator was getting weak, and the key switch was bad. Would a combo of the two cause the battery to drain ? As a temp fix i had to have a kill switch installed on the...
  3. pepperman


    Sorry i haven't been around much lately but i have been going through some real stressful times at home right now. My doctor put me on insulin and it's got me a little freaked at the moment and with the situation with my mom losing her job things are not going good at the moment. Things at work...
  4. pepperman

    Passenger side indow motor

    Hey Guys, I am in need of a window motor for the passenger side, the one I have works when it wants to and lately it does NOT work. So if anyone can send me one I would greatly appreciate it and pay for it when I can. Money is very tight right now.
  5. pepperman

    Air conditioning compressor

    Where is the air conditioning compressor located ? If it is where I think it is mine just went out. When I parked my car so I could go an get my work truck and saw smoke coming out from under the hood. I think the clutch on the compressor froze up on it.
  6. pepperman

    Are my muflers going bad

    The water is coming from the front edge of the muffler.
  7. pepperman

    Well Snap i got an oil leak

    Got off work today to come home and noticed a puddle under my car thinking maybe it was a power steering leak an it wasn't. I got home and looked under the car and noticed oil dripping, so i took it to my mechanic and he will look at it tomorrow. I hope it is something simple and not that damn...
  8. pepperman

    What are the best gauges to get

    I am going to install a two gauge pod within the next two months. What i need to know is what are the best gauges to put in the gauge pod ? I am looking at Glowshift gauges and Autometer gauges, a volt gauge and a oil pressure gauge since the Mark VIII didn't come with them...
  9. pepperman

    Funny pic of the Week

    Ok new thread and i will start it off :cool:
  10. pepperman

    Happy Birthday Mespock

    Have a Great day Rich :V:V:V:L:invasion::invasion::invasion::invasion::invasion::wave:wave:wave:wave:wave:ballon:ballon:ballon:ballon:ballon:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB
  11. pepperman

    Happy Birthday 94m5

    Happy Birthday Mike enjoy the day. :cool::V:V:Beer:Beer:invasion::invasion::invasion::invasion::invasion::ballon:ballon:ballon:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB
  12. pepperman

    Anyone know what this is

    I was told this item came off a Mark VIII.
  13. pepperman

    Happy Birthday Joeychgo

    Have a good day Godfather :cool: :V:invasion::invasion::invasion::HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB
  14. pepperman

    Thanks brentalan

    Brent sent me these wheels and tires and they came in today, they look so cool. :cool:
  15. pepperman

    Storm damage to my Mark VIII

    Here are some pics of the damage from severe thunderstorms that came through my area last night. Before anyone asks all i have is liability insurance full coverage cost to much for me. It effin SUCKS a tree limb broke off from a Big tree and hit my car.
  16. pepperman

    Happy Birthday Chicken

    Have a Great rest of the day. :V:V:V:V:V:Beer:Beer:Beer:Beer:Beer:invasion::invasion::invasion::invasion::invasion::waving::waving::waving::waving::waving::drunk::drunk::drunk::drunk::drunk::HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB
  17. pepperman

    Happy Birthday KK

    Sorry this is late on being posted but Have a Great rest of the day and enjoy. :V:Beer:Beer:Beer:Beer:Beer:drunk::drunk::drunk::burnout::burnout::burnout::wave:wave:wave:invasion::invasion::invasion::ballon:ballon:ballon:give:give:give:give:give:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB
  18. pepperman

    Happy Birthday Rich ( mespock )

    Decided to post this early, have a Great day tomorrow good friend :cool: :V:V:V:Beer:Beer:Beer:Beer:invasion::invasion::invasion::invasion::invasion::wave:wave:wave:wave:wave:ballon:ballon:ballon:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB:HB
  19. pepperman


    My internet is still out i am using my brothers phone to make this post sorry for posting in the wrong area.
  20. pepperman

    Happy Birthday 94m5

    Hey Mike have a Great day. :V:drunk::drunk::wave:wave:wave:wave:wave:ballon:ballon:invasion::invasion::HB:HB:HB:HB:HB