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    YET Another toronto ls meet

    Nice pics for a BB. Yeah good turn out glad to see/meet you guys. Stay safe and stay golden! Till next time!!
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    transmission problem

    I also have the same issue.. My search inquires have found some have swapped the solenoid. I took it to a trans shop and explained to him my issues, he stated that it would probably need to be rebuilt..
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    VIDEO-How to install LED Angels eyes. 03-06 lights only

    Funny my light did this almost 2 weeks after install, emailed lightwurkz and thought it was a mulfuctioning ring.Since then I have replaced it all is well so far. Going to check out the extra halo to check out your findings. GJ Drizz
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    Pretty sure I need A Solenoid Pack. Opinion on where to take it

    Wow I thought I was the only one with this problem... My Ls has a hard shift from 3-4th and a jerk in reverse ( lol ) but yeah. I'm looking at all these options. Will re-read all of this once I get home..Almost on the brink of selling this car if it doesn't work out...
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    Turbo kit thread

    Very nice Alax that will be a beast !! Can't wait till it's complete and see a vid!
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    Found New OEM LSE Rear Plate Surround

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    Ignition Coils

    It's weird sometimes it happens also to me..It's ebay coils, you get what you pay for.
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    Don't know if it is said enough..

    +100 On all what was said above ^^
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    Jag S-type R Wheels Opinions

    Don't listen to them...Zeus it is and sell me the Vulcans !o!
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    Made me smile....

    Nice story !!
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    2004 Lincoln LSE V8....

    I say LSE..
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    Need Some Help

    I know what you are saying but this a chain of shops pretty well known, don't know if they have them in the states. I will try to do it myself but if I can save myself the frustration and hassle...It's my transmission and I don't want to fiddle with it..
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    Need Some Help

    So I am having the same issues as stated above but with gears 1-2 and the slight jerk in reverse. Is the best way to go for the solenoid pack? I called the dealer and WOW!! What a price...Going to take it by Mr.Transmission and have them chime in and see what they say. I want to...
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    Lincoln ls interceptor fail!

    I saw that!! ^^ Birds can't resist but shat all over this.. Poor car..:(
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    Home Depot Lip Installed Pics

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    Photo shop?

    Photoshop... There are tons of pics on this site with LSE bumpers. Just buy it trust me, I'm glad I did.
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    Pics of the XLR with 20s!

    Nice they look sweet!
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    My LS story.

    :ballon :W :ballon Sorry to go off topic but my car also squats only on cold starts in the morning. Other than that it goes away. I have and issue from when 0-30km/h it jerks, I have been using tiptronic to by pass using 1st gear. Doing a transmission flush this coming Friday hopefully that...
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    Check Transmission

    Oh okay, thanks good to know.
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    Check Transmission

    The Gen2 V6's do not have the message center to indicate "Check Transmission", will it just flash a Check engine light?