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    1954 Lincoln capri (parts need help)

    Thanks for the reply. I will try to load pics after the first of the year. It is in a friends junkyard. I have to clear space for it. So when i get it move I will load some good pics. Thanks again (Got to love them classics!)
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    '56 Premier Coupe-What's it worth?

    John, I purchased a 1954 Lincoln capri 2dr from a local junk yard. It was sitting in the field for about 10 years. This is south carolina so the car had a few rust spots but nothing that a few small patch panels wont fix. The car runs but it rolled down a hill and hit a tree needs a hood...
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    1954 Lincoln capri (parts need help)

    Good afternoon, I am looking for reproduction parts or a salvage yard that would have used parts for my 1954 Lincoln Capri 2dr hardtop. Any suggestions I have searched the internet but have had no luck.Also does anyone know if the front end (Hood, Grill, Bumper) will work from a 1954 ford...