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    Dealership Horror Story

    So on Friday 6/10 My coils went. Since I have an extended warranty I took it to the dealership and they said it needed a new throttle body as well as the coils. They took 6 days to fix it. So I go pickup the car today and they said "as we test drove it it misfires". So they said its gonna take 5...
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    Infant Car Seat

    Does anyone know an infant car seat that fits snug into the LS? I dont want the base to move at all in the car. I have been to 5 diff stores and researched online but I cant find anything
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    Wtb gen 2 grill

    I am looking to buy a gen 2 black and silver grill. No Chrome Only black and silver. Paypal ready no games no bullcrap
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    Speaker Question

    The bass does not work anymore in my speakers. The speakers play fine and the head unit works fine, just with no bass. It happened randomly as I turned a corner. I searched but found nothing. Any help?
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    Anyone live in San Gabriel CA?

    Does anyone live in San Gabriel CA?
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    Which Taillights do you like better?

    I like the 2nd Gen taillights with half red and half smoked. Red ones IMO look kinda boring.
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    Whisting Noise.

    When I drive my 2005 LS I get a whistling sound, I don't know where it is coming from but it sounds like a turbo when its spooling. I do not have a turbo, any ideas where this is coming from?
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    Same Day Rim Painting

    Im located in westchester County NY, Anyone know of a place that will paint rims with a same day turnaround?
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    What's Up everyone

    Just joined today. Hope to visit the site quite frequently. I just bought a 2005 Lincoln LS with 46k on it about a week ago. Will post pics in a little bit, just wanted to say whats up to everyone. :D