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    I'm not complaining about the mpg at all, a little more wouldn't hurt if at all possible and if not oh well. I love the way this car drives and plan on keeping it for a long time. Inplan on putting money into a few mods. Looking at headlights, cold air intake and anything else I can do to it...
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    Same here with the mpg. I've only owned it since the 14th of Dec, and no lead foot what so ever. Mine is reading 16.1 at best and most 15.5 mpg, what is the best way to up the mpg's? Also the car was sitting for about 2.5 months before I bought it. Thanks for any help provided. Also most of my...
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    can someone help?

    How do you know which Gen you have?Sorry, new owner and member here.
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    06 Black Sealent Angel Eyes Completed...Pics

    I got confused too, not sure if using the search function is a good thing or bad. I'll try and find some new threads.
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    New owner of a 02 LS V8

    Thank you and will remember that.
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    New owner of a 02 LS V8

    Hello are and glad to be part of the crowd. Just purchased my LS for 4K w/ 115K miles on it. Doesn't matter I saw this car on base and had to have it. I will start with exterior mods worries keeping it very classy. Not going to rice it out or throw spinners or big ass rims on it. I'm...
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    06 Black Sealent Angel Eyes Completed...Pics

    Looks good n8, I actually just got the same angel eyes(8000K), but not sure which HIDs to get. Hope that you post pics with yours so that I can get a feel of the look.
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    Finished product! Headlights no longer ugly! ;)

    Looks really clean, nice job! About to adventure into that myself. Just bought my 02 LS yesterday and the lights will be my first project. I'm going with the 8000K halos/angel eyes, but not sure Which bulbs to put in. Any suggestions would be great, I already have the 8000k halos/angel eyes.
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    Lincoln LS Parts for sale....HID's too!

    HID conversion kit Have you sold the conversion kit yet?
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    Please read before posting new threads

    New LS owner Yep, I read it and it's better than searching at times. I was looking into getting halos/angel eyes and found what I was looking for w/o starting a new thread. New and proud owner of a 02 LS V8....hello everyone and thanks for the helpful posts. -Popcorn