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    Drone noise, hub assembly.

    Starting to hear the drone noise, time to replace a hub assembly again but last time had the dealer ordered the part. Is this all I need...
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    One problem after another....

    Just had my power steering pump and serpentine belt replaced two days ago. So i get to work this morning and my car is leaking coolant under the hood on the drivers side. Any ideas?
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    Bent Pulley

    So I went to O' Reilly's to get some belt dressing to fix this annoying chirp. The worker there was looking at my belt while I was spraying the dressing on and he said it looks like I have a bent power steering pulley from the belt movement in that certain area. I just had my power steering...
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    Replacing power steering pressure hose

    So im trying to replace the power steering pressure hose on my 2004 v8 LS that is leaking and it just recently started even spraying on the belt beside the pump causing the worst squealing noise ever. Ive disconnecting the hose on the rack side but cannot disconnect the hose from the pump side...