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    Is winter over??

    So have any of you guys decided to put on the summer tires or rims yet??
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    Craigslist Find
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    Rim insight.

    Hey guys well for some of us spring is around the corner and can't wait for warmer weather. So, I have some questions for my fellow LS'ers lol! If you had a choice which set of rims would you get. Just want to get a broad idea on what and where I should be looking for. Currently my LS is...
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    Just thankful.

    Well I figured I should share this with the LS community... Saturday night while leaving work we had some what of a snow storm nothing major but we had one just a couple days ago. While getting on the on-ramp to the highway( which they never plow) I tried to merge with on-coming traffic. As I...
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    Sputtering after coil swap

    So last week I had a coil misfire read the code read cylinder 1 misfire. Wiped the code and ordered my coils. Just recently received my coils, swapped them all out with new spark plugs and now it's still sputtering randomly when I hit the gas to speed up. When a dead stop it somewhat sputters...
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    Okay, is there anyone out there near a scrap yard that has an LS on the lot ?? I would appreciate the help a lot!!!
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    Anyone know?

    So since MR.Barna is MIA till further notice. I am looking for a rear passenger sub frame bracket i made a thread about let me go find it one sec. Wondering if anyone knows of a salvaged LS or someone that is...
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    What you guys think??

    Well I won't be lowering my car so I might as well go big! lol Was looking for 19's but check these out. Say what you may it's just a thought And to let you guys know, I...
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    LS Fogs

    Hi there, got a set of stock fogs that came off my 03 LS let me know PM me thx
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    Gen2 stock bumper

    Hello my ppl, Well I just sent in my LSE bumper for paint so my stock ls bumper is for sale only thing wrong that is cracked lower grille some bondo work and it's fine literally so pm me and lets do it~!:p
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    Hey you guys( Toronto guys) know any good paint/body shops looking to get my LSE bumper on and painted :zgreenbou:
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    Ball Joint

    So my driver side ball joint needs to be replaced and the local salvage yard here has a lower left control arm.They say that it will not cover the ball joint,they said I could check it out but once I purchase it can not return it. So..How would i check the ball joint with the arm not being in...
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    So just wondering what tire size can the Ls run looking to buy some tires and I'm just wondering what are the boundaries, currently running stock 235/50/17
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    Side mirrors

    So my driver side mirror seems to be acting up only working when it wants too..any insight into what i could be etc?? thanks
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    00 part out saw this in my CL just a heads up
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    Ipad install enjoy

    i know its not an Ls but sure makes me want to do it
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    Need your guys help.

    So I've been having creaking noises coming from my suspension(front and rear) my rear more than my front I'm figuring its my bushings hopefully. So i hoisted her up at friends place and noticed that this was cracked (see pic below ) I'm assuming its not my bushing. Can someone direct me in the...
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    Another noise thread

    Hey all! Well as of lately I've been hearing this Clicking sound every-time i come to a dead stop and right when i hit the gas the jolt of acceleration triggers a loud click. If it were something loose and clicks into place.Rear passenger side had auto parts guy ride with me and he said it...
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    Canada wins GOLD!!!

    So I see no-one wanted to post how good you Americans played but lost so I did you the favor! What a game though ! ggkthx
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    Ebay find

    nvm ty k9 lol i feel foolish