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    120k mile tune up questions.

    It's always best to go back with OE plugs. But Bosch is for German cars and doesn't last nearly as long as it should in American cars. The champions are OE for Chrysler/dodge/jeep. Don't get me wrong they make a great copper plug but their platinums blow. I would never install a plug in one of...
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    Exhaust questions

    If you want cheap just got the mufflers off. My car has been running that way for months an im thinking I'm going to just through some tips on it and call it good. Left the resonators so it's not too loud below 4k rpms.
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    New digs: Range Rover HSE Wheels

    Lookin great. Makes me rethink the jag wheels idea.
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    custom dyno tune question

    do you have any before and after pics?
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    Finally Got The Lincoln LSX On The Dyno

    thats sweet. cant wait to see the vid. with a good tune on the wideband you should be able to see another 30+ hp. keep us up to date.
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    custom dyno tune question

    Can't wait to see those results when you get it done. How much of a difference did you notice with the port and polish of the TB
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    "Charging System" Help and New Pics

    nevermind. i always miss that second page.
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    "Charging System" Help and New Pics

    I have seen a few cars that dont like the ho alternators and if it wasnt rebuilt right or if the regulator inside the alt is not producing the right voltage or amps at low rpms that can cause the issues as well. my suggestion would be to replace the alt with a new one. not remanufactured. being...
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    LS owner now

    I have a Honda as a toy, but none taken. But I can validate what you are saying. I rebuilt most of my suspension, put a full exhaust, intake, tune, and a rear bumper on the car for less than $600. That same amount of money might get me a bumper on the LS. Long story short if you drive a premium...
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    where can i get them

    its not just the pin locks that broke but the piece that holds the harness to the coil itself. plus after putting everything together i am now getting a p0351 code. if i had put it all together and i worked fine then i wouldnt have worried about it
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    dash lights 2002 lincoln ls

    when i had the fuse in the wrong place the gauges, prnd, window switches and fuel lights didnt work. however when i turned on the head lights the trip dimmed and the ac controls lit up. its my understanding it sounds like you have the same thing so i woulndt suspect the fem but you never now...
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    moment of silence for the 20's...

    i have to agree. i liked the black better. what did you do with those wheels?
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    03 ls fail safe mode im perplexed!

    I'm with joegr. I just did my all 8 coils and most of my connectors fell apart and the car runs like crap. Which is why it's parked and I'm waiting on the new ones are on the way. Difference is my car isn't and has never gone into failsafe mode because of it. So IMHO I would say you have a much...
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    Parking brake cover

    i have the same problem. any help on this would be fantastic
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    where can i get them

    joegr you are correct i need the whole thing on a few of them but i dont like to rig anything and now that i have the accel coils (no more coil covers) i want to have it weather tight as possible. plus i might as well do all of them since im in there. cant put a price on piece of mind when its...
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    where can i get them

    That's the idea. Plus they don't tailor to just one manufacturer so I can us them for all my projects
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    where can i get them

    ok guys check this out, i found them. just ordered all 8 that they had but they have a bunch of stuff at pretty good prices. maybe it will help somebody else out down the road.
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    where can i get them

    yea i came across them last night upon searching the internet and those are the right ones. the problem is that its special order with a minimum purchase of 100 at 3.49 each. i only need 8. just called the dealer and they are 21.19 each there. any other ideas?
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    where can i get them

    My new accel coils came in so i took everything apart yesterday and noticed that the almost all of the harness connector to each coil are crap. kind of expected it seeing as how they are plastic and over 10 years old. my question is other than the dealer is there a better and cheaper place to...
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    LED Courtesy Lights?

    my gen I has fade in/out and i dont even use the auto light function. i kind of like the door handle idea. wish i had a ring that would light up around the ignition switch too