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    Should I fix up my Mark V or Scrap it?

    That is a good looking Mark. Whether or not you still need pieces i live 30 min from a junk yard that has a 79 Lincoln town coupe with various pieces of trim on it and a 79 Lincoln mark 5 collector series with all of its trim except the front cornering lights(Of course). So if you are still...
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    what year is your classic

    I love the mid 70's Mark's and I do not think I have eve heard of the black diamond edition but with ford who knows they shelled out any edition they could think of lol.
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    what year is your classic

    I own Two 1979 Lincoln Town cars 1979 Lincoln Town car Collector's Series with electronic radio, CB radio(Factory), Electronic Moon roof, Golden Grille, Velour Cloth midnight blue interior. Etc. 112,000 Miles. 1979 Lincon Town car (Pretty much base model). 56,000 Original miles. Bought it with...
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    How the hell do I work this radio?

    The 8 track player should normally activate when you insert an 8 track tape and then turn off ones its removed. Unless the mid 70's models are different from the late 60's?
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    how young would it be to own a Town Car

    I think the younger generation(That includes me I am 20) should have a genuine interest in older cars since they are all the predecessor to cars now. I own 79 Lincoln town cars and I think its enriching to see how it was back then and a level of luxary that you can not find now. (In my opinion)...
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    Lincoln Town car 79 New member!

    Hello! I am excited to have joined the forum. (Actually joined a few months ago but got busy and never went on haha). Either way I own 2 1979 Lincoln Town cars. One is a collectors series town car and the other is a basic Town car. Glad to have joined! Here are some pics of each one. I do not...