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    1997 Lincoln Conti For Sale

    your car is so clean and looks perfect [End of sarcasm] no pics = car doesn't exist.
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    Yonkers, Ny
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    2004 Lincoln LS V8 w/ Warranty 10,000 OBO

    Private Party Edmunds : $7,087
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    Parting out 2000 LS V8 spt

    pm sent
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    Issue at hand, need advice

    Seems stupid but when my car is closer to the 3k oil change mark like around 2800-3000k range the ac does not work the same
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    COP Warranty Question

    Where did you download the letter?
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    Mclaren grille up for grabs!!!
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    Mclaren grille up for grabs!!!

    I pm'd him. 225
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    Parting out 2000 lincoln LS

    rims shipped to 10710? And how much tread is on them?
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    Parting out 2000 LS V8 spt

    if tread is good then I will buy asap.
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    Parting out 2000 LS V8 spt

    Can you take some more pics of the tires. Very interested can come pickup wednesday
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    FS: Dell Streak 5

    I will give you $75
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    2001 Lincoln Ls With $25k in custom For sale

    Its gonna be hard for you to get 15k for a 01 Ls regardless of what you put into it GLWS
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    Parting out 2000 LS V8 spt

    How much for rims, im in the bronx and can pickup
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    Stock '06 chrome wheels FOR SALE

    Email Sent
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    My car is done

    If you like it then good job. Looks to fast and the furious like to me. No need to put that kit on it.
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    Dealership Horror Story

    The warranty company wants a "complete diagnostic" before releasing the money for a loaner, which I did not get for 4 days.
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    Dealership Horror Story

    My warranty does not cover a loaner unless I rent one from a 3rd party company, The shop manager said if they needed to keep it for more than a week I would have a loaner from them (the dealership). I talked to the GM, Shop manager anyone that I could. The Owner "was never available." Once this...
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    Dealership Horror Story

    :eek: NO WAY!