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    Can't open drivers door from inside

    Darn, this started happening today couldn't open the driver's door from the inside had to roll down the window to pull on the door handle outside to get me out :P Any ideas? Edit; fixed it
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    Slight jerk when shifting from Park to Drive, Park to Reverse

    2000 Lincoln LS 3.9L V8. I've noticed that my car has a small jerk from Park to Drive and park to reverse or drive to reverse. I'm thinking low/dirty trans fluid, anybody else? Also since it's a 'Sealed' transmission does anyone know what would a transmission fluid service cost at the...
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    DTC Code P0133 and P0153

    I've got two DTC codes on my 00 Lincoln LS 3.9L V8 1st one being P0133 and second one P0153 Looks like o2 sensor. Does anybody know the locations of these sensors?
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    2000 LS Bad alternator under load?

    Took a video here Simple Volt meter plugged into the accessory outlet because.. Battery is in trunk but as soon as I slowly turn on the A/C, Headlights, Defroster and high-beams check charging system appears and voltage is dropped from 14, as soon as I turn off all...