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    unique tailshaft length C6?

    I've got a '69 mark 3 with a 460, and I need a trans. I hear that these cars have a unique tail shaft length for the trans? Does anyone know if this is true? Also, if I get a transmission with the wrong length tail shaft, can't I just have the driveshaft extended or shortened?
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    How the hell do I work this radio?

    I got a 69 Mark 3, original 8 track player. How to I remove the 8 track tape, and/or switch it to radio? Thanks guys
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    Door panel window switch wiring?

    Where do the plugs go? My door panels are off on my 69 Lincoln Mark 3 and I got it like that. I need to roll one of the windows up before it rains :eek:. can anyone provide a picture of everything connected or a diagram? Thanks!!
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    Pulling the C6 out of a Mark 3

    Hey guys. Backyard mechanic here, and I need to pull the trans out of a 1969 Lincoln Mark 3. I have all the mechanical know how, and a friend to help, but how in the hell do I get this 5000 pound monster safely high enough off the ground to drop the tranny? I have a 3 and 1/4 floor jack thats...
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    subs in a 69 Lincoln

    Hey guys. I am supposed to be getting a 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark 3 tomorrow at 2pm. I wanna throw a set of Pioneer 12's in it in a vented box with an 800 watt Sony Xplode Amp. My question is, where do I put these things? I know this car is supposed to have 150lbs of sound deadening. Is this...