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    Passenger seat broken again!

    The back of the passenger seat is broken again. The hard plastic shell broke the clips again. The first time was under warranty. This time it is going to cost $146. It seems like the body/interior integrity of this car has been the most problematic. Doug
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    Doesn't anyone write about the Zephyr

    This thread sure is dead. I wonder if it is like Lincoln sales of the Zephyr. Doug
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    Numerous problems w/my 03LS

    Have any of had these problems.... 1) the back of the drivers seat popped off. The dealer replaced this 2 mos ago. The clips had failed. 2) the headliner is dropping down from the overhead rear brake light. I just noticed this today when I was checking my tire pressures. 3) my 6...
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    The end of the LS....

    I just read ( Fri 28 Oct ) edition of the VA Pilot and Ledger Star automotive section that Ford announced that the LS production will end with the 2006 production year. The replacement will be based on the Volvo platform of fwd and debut in 2008. They were disappointed in the sales of the...
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    New LS owner from VA

    Hi Everyone, New member from Chesapeake, VA. I have a 2003 LS and absolutely love it. I have wanted an LS for years so I finally took the plunge and bought it brand new. Doug