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    coil suspension

    just curious on what other cars i can take the front coils off of and put on my mark viii
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    i need help

    my 1994 lincoln mark viii is having problem and i cant figure out what is wrong. first my car was overheating soo i replaced the thermostat and now it overheats when im hitting the gas but not when im idle. it also has smoke coming from the exhaust and it soound like its about to run out of gas...
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    oil pan

    does anyone know where i can find an oil pan at i have look everywhere
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    help with traction control

    hey guys im having problem with my traction control the switch stays off and the guy i bought the car says the wire is unhook but im having problems finding the end off the wire some please help me
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    new to LVC

    hey guys my name is chris and I am new to this site and i Have 2 1994 lincoln mark viii and i love driving them both, the one reason i joined this site is because im looking for help on making one of my mark viii into a 5 speed manual but i have no idea where to start