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  1. Lownslowlsc

    Custom gen2 cup holder

    So I did this... image hosting services free
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    Idle air control valve issues..

    Cleaned my 163k iac last week and it didn't seem to fix an odd problem I'm having. My issue is that any temperature below 15 degrees or over 85 will result in a intermittent rough start/idle. When <15 it'll occasionally 'chug' once started and sometimes die after a few seconds if it's <0, a...
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    Rear speaker grill noise fix

    I've always had various annoying noises in back due to the rear speaker grills. I tried fixing it once by putting strips on velcro (Soft side) in between the grill and mounting plate with foam weatherstripping between the panel and grill assembly..It didn't work. Fast forward to today. Decided...
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    Rear shocks

    I read a while ago of a rear shock (Sensa-trac?) that was a good/better fit for lowered marks. This shock is not made specifically for the M8 or Thunderbird but supposedly has better valving/firmer. I regret not saving the link like I usually do. I'm going to search for it again but wanted to...
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    Rough cold starts

    She has the tendency to idle roughly upon first startup when it's <10-15 degrees outside. Happens anywhere from a minute to 3 depending on how cold it is. If put in reverse during that time to back out of my spot it'll die or come very close. Once it's put in D and driving (If it doesn't die)...
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    Would you buy another Mark viii?

    I sit here bored at work thinking about what I 'd do if my beloved car were to get into an accident, blows a motor/trans/rear or just passes of old age. As much as I'd like something newer I just can't ignore the fact that I've became extremely familiar with them (Going on 8 years). And the...
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    Cruise control issues

    I rarely use my CC but noticed that it stopped working a couple weeks ago.. Light on dash works Fuses are good Horn works Recall was done many years ago. Does that have a fuse as well? If so, would the light on the dash still work if it popped? Whats the deal?
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    1 year oil change

    I changed my oil in mid-late May and have only driven it maybe 2,500 miles to date using a 820s and Penn high mileage. Would it be so bad to wait till early spring to switch it out? By that time it would have about 6k on it. I just feel like I should get more out of my oil changes since I...
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    Yup, this will be the one.

    2005+ STS I've done a lot of looking around lately to see what i'd be interested in once the Mark can no longer serve as a reliable DD. This one has really caught my eye. ;) Only thing I don't like about it are the door panels, look cheap. It has projectors and led taillights (Including...
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    Brake line repair

    Well it has to get done sooner or later. The lines are crusty by the LR wheel and I'd would like to get it taken care of. I'll be having my competent mechanic friend replace what's needed but i'd like to hear opinions on the best way of fixing said issue and if there could be any issues that...
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    Adjust Parking Brake - Auto release - Light

    How do you do it?
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    Replacement Mark viii upper control arm uca dust boots

    Been meaning to do this for a while but couldn't find the part number as I threw the box/invoice away. I decided to email cs and get it so here ya go.... I bought some new TRW uca's last fall that had cracked boots. I decided to measure them up and buy the closest boots/covers I could. I...
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    A must have!
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    T. Red Paint

    Anybody have experience with Specifically the 12oz cans.
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    All clean!

    155,000 and going strong. I've been busy the last couple weekends fixing things up after a long, cold and salty winter. It received new uca's, front shocks and radiator over the winter. This spring It got new conti door handles, floor mats, fixed hids, fixed a tranny leak, oil change ect. And...
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    Your dream M8

    What would be your dream factory optioned Mark viii? You have to pick options and colors for the specific year you choose. Examples- You can't put heated seats into a 93' You can't have a CE with black int. Feel free to list a couple, just not 5 cause that kinda takes away from the whole...
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    Getting to be that time of year.

    What are everybody's plans for the spring? Mods, Maintenance ect. This weekend I'll be painting/replacing both door handles. Drivers side broke last week and the passenger side is the old version. Want to play in the doors a bit so I'll knock them both out. Also plan on relocating my hid...
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    Hid housing question

    Might be a silly question but...What's the difference between gen1 lsc/gen2 housings and a standard halogen housing? What makes them acceptable for putting hids into vs the Honda w/ halogen housings down the street?