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  1. Turboguy

    Western NE Parts LS, only 120K On V-8

    If any Nebraska or Colorado folks care to bring a trailer, im getting rid of my parts LS cheap over on the cars for sale forum. 30 min north of The Chappell NE I-80 exit.
  2. Turboguy

    For Sale $500 Parts LS, only 120K On V-8

    120K 2001 3.9 V-8, synthetic only, have maintenance records New windshield from last year, old one got broken in hailstorm 4 newer tires with lots of tread, on factory 16 inch rims Lots of newer mechanical parts, body hailed out Alpine deck / 4 Infinity 6x9s / Kicker sub amp, worth $500 The...
  3. Turboguy

    2006 LS is Jalopnik's #1 4-Door Sedan Under $10,000

    Damn right!
  4. Turboguy

    LS suspension design: show me/explain why it is great

    Okay so after I pushed my LS hard on an open road race course, and then LS4me commented in my road racing thread about how the LS suspension was designed by an F1 engineer, I'm now curious. Does anyone have a good overall suspension photo, computer generated image, or detailed technical...
  5. Turboguy

    LS is a Jalopnik "best getaway car for $5,000"

    Which, aside from the ridiculous depreciation, is a compliment: Of course they got the 2000 horsepower wrong ...
  6. Turboguy

    Ran Open Road Race Course In My LS

    Hey guys, So I went to the Sandhills Open Road Challenge road race this week in Arnold, Nebraska: The SORC is known as one of the most technical/hardest open road races out there, it is 55 miles of narrow, 20-foot wide roads with scary ditches and barbed wire fences...
  7. Turboguy

    Nice '01 LS V6 Stick on Jalopnik this morning

    Seems like a nice price for a nice LS to me.
  8. Turboguy

    Damn Retreads!

    Was driving the LS back from Denver yesterday and had to swerve two times to miss truck tire carcasses. Just before my exit a car in the right lane swerved into the left in front of me. Now normally I eagle eye the road ahead for debris/police/etc, but I had to eyeball this yahoo and right then...
  9. Turboguy

    New door handle only, or cable too?

    When drivers inside door handle breaks, do you only replace handle itself with something like the DORMAN 82712 part on rockauto, or does the cable itself need replacement too? Cable seemed fine but you never know...thoughts?
  10. Turboguy

    Stereo upgrade: pics of spare tire well mounted amps?

    I've decided to upgrade the LS' base 4 speaker stereo. I just installed front 6x8 and rear deck 6x9 infinity speakers; the next step is installing a sony 5-channel amp, bazooka 10-inch, and double-din Pioneer deck while running RCAs and dedicated wiring to all speakers (still using factory...
  11. Turboguy

    Diagnose Procedure For Recurring Cylinder 1 Misfire After Coil Swap?

    Ok so this thread covers a cylinder 1 misfire I got recently after only 3,000 miles on new coils. There was no oil on coil, plug or in well, but I replaced visteon coil with motorcraft coil and new plug and it was fine for a month. Now 500 miles later, cyl 1 misfire has returned along with...
  12. Turboguy

    The Ford "Chug" Sound And Exhaust Smell

    Anyone who's owned lots of Fords knows the Ford engine "chug chug" sound at low rpm. My 140,000 mile LS is chugging louder now for some reason, and if I don't hit the recirc button for cabin air when starting car, it blows exhaust smell in. I recently had the intake replaced, but problem...
  13. Turboguy

    Hot Rod Lincoln

    Anybody heard this song? I'm sure some of the old timers have. Hot Rod Lincoln: Kinda a funny story: grew up in the sticks (Nebraska) and every fall we'd go pheasant hunting out by the Sandhills, which is even...
  14. Turboguy

    Only 3,000 Miles From Visteons?

    Got a Cylinder 1 misfire today. Pulled coil cover and removed the Visteon that was installed only 3K ago, looked perfect no oil on it. In spark plug hole there is only the slightest half-circle shaped dark spot, prob oil, but very very little. Could that tiny spec of oil cause a misfire? And...
  15. Turboguy

    What A Toolbag...

    As in, I need a new one :) Also posted in general forum too... I'm working on basically the entire family's cars at this point, about 3 times a week. Might as well add shadetree mechanic to my writing business card... Anyway, I currently have a car wax zip-up bag I got as a gift. It's...
  16. Turboguy

    What A Toolbag...

    As in, I need a new one :) I'm working on basically the entire family's cars at this point, about 3 times a week. Might as well add shadetree mechanic to my writing business card... Anyway, I currently have a car wax zip-up bag I got as a gift. It's crammed full of sockets, impact sockets...
  17. Turboguy

    Anyone know base stereo wattage of 2000 LS?

    Just curious how much difference pioneer double din deck with around 15 RMS/50 peak will give with better Polk/infinity speakers, or if amp is necessary.
  18. Turboguy

    Sooo, D.C.-Area LS Owners...

    Hope this wasn't you!
  19. Turboguy

    17-Inch Sport Rims Owners, Step Inside

    How do / did you like the sport 17-inch rims? Did they hold up okay to potholes, etc.? I'm probably going to go to 17s at some point for my 2000 LS8, which still has the stock 5-spoke 16-inchers. The sport rim prices seem to be pretty reasonable. Will Gen 2 sport rims fit on a Gen 1? Any...
  20. Turboguy

    Welp, Cross-Country Shipping Pickup Tonight...Will Be Interesting...

    So I'm in the final steps of moving from NYC back to the Midwest. Been waiting through the shipping high season for like 2 months now waiting for a carrier to bite on my price. Happened today after bumping my price up again, guy out of Brooklyn will be picking it up tonight. He'll be in...