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  1. eots44

    New car! DTS traded in!

    Hello all, back again with another update! I have purchased a DTS replacement, a 2014 Buick LaCrosse Leather with 42K miles. Red with a beige interior. I had been thinking about getting another car for a while now, I’ve had the DTS for over 4 years and put over 80K miles on the car and it was...
  2. eots44

    Been a Long Time! (Updates)

    As the title says it’s been a while since I’ve checked in here. I don’t know if anyone remembers me, or cares for that matter, but I thought I’d just check in and give an update! I’ve had the 2007 DTS for a little over four years now and put 80K miles on it, currently at 167K miles! it’s been...
  3. eots44

    Hello! Checking in, Been a While.

    Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since I last posted. I have been lurking every now and then though, I see some have moved on, some new faces, and glad to see some that are still here. I see not much has changed over in Cadillac town lol, dead over there to say the least. I tried keeping...
  4. eots44

    Been a While! My New Caddy!

    Well hey guys! It's been a long time since I was last here, I'm sure there are many new guys I don't know, but for those of you who know me, I traded the Buick I bought a year ago for a 2007 DTS. Finally got my DTS lol! It was a great car that Buick, and I got a good 20,000 miles out of it but...
  5. eots44

    Hmm...Well This Is Interesting.

    Not sure how much I like this, surprised it's only $3,000 though, it's only got 60,000 miles.
  6. eots44

    Opinions on Spray Wax?

    I typically use a simple hard shell turtle wax, but it can be pretty time consuming. I always see spray wax on the shelf, but never thought about buying it. How well do they work? Is it worth switching to from regular wax which consistently gives good results, but as I said can be very time...
  7. eots44

    Another Great Product!

    So yesterday I was driving the Buick around, and put the A/C on for the first time only to discover that it blows slightly cool on the passenger side, and not cool at all on the driver side. So today I went to Autozone to get that A/C Pro recharge kit. I have to say, I have never delt with...
  8. eots44

    The Newest Addition to my Fleet! (not a caddy :( )

    Well I guess my Deville search will have to be put on hold for a while. So to start off, I bought a 2000 Buick Century 2000 Special Edition. I know, not exactly what I had in mind, but there was just nothing out there in the terms of a Deville, not too many Caddys in general for that matter. I...
  9. eots44

    Using Armor All on Leather, Opinions

    Ok, so I made this thread to discuss what you guys think of using Armor All to clean leather. Personally, I would never, I hate the way it makes it shinny, leather isn't supposed to shine, and it really bothers me when I see a dealership or used lot used Armor All to clean the leather, it would...
  10. eots44

    Tony Soprano's Escalade Is Up For Sale

    The 2003 Escalade ESV featured in the Sopranos (great show if you haven't seen it) owned by Tony is up for sale. It's in practically brand new condition with only 14,621 miles! It's listed for $79,990, and comes with all the authenticity papers and such, The dash and pull down mirror were signed...
  11. eots44

    Can Full Cloth/Vinyl Tops Be Removed?

    Hey guys, long time no see! Lol, I've been busy lately. Anyway, I am still looking for a Deville, and came across a good car. There's only one catch, it has either a cloth or vinyl top (can't tell from pictures which one) :yuck: . I hate cloth and vinyl tops on cars. I've seen people remove...
  12. eots44

    Found a Very Rare Deville!

    So upon my searches, I came across a car I have been trying to find for 3 years. This is a 2000 Deville with a cloth interior! That's right a cloth interior. A lot of people don't know that the Deville was offered in cloth in these years, because most buyers wanted leather. If wanted your...
  13. eots44

    What the Hell Is This

    What happens when someone trys to combine two things that don't go together.
  14. eots44

    The Livery Business?

    Has anyone else noticed how it seems Lincoln dominates or at least up until these past few years the limousine business, and Cadillac dominates the funeral car business (including the funeral limos)? Also speaking of the livery business, I figured sales of both brands for livery services would...
  15. eots44

    What Happens When I Disable T/C!

    Lol, just me screwing around. She does pretty well considering I didn't touch the brake. Not this video, but my best I left about a 20 foot long mark, no brakes! Not bad for a tired old girl!
  16. eots44

    5 Years Too Late :...(

    Oh how upset I am that I am just seeing this now, this video was from 5 years ago, and they were selling 2005 Deville's for only $5,000. I would have bought 3 at that price for an at the time 4 year old Deville. Not to mention it's only like an hour away from me, just rubs salt in the wound. :(...
  17. eots44

    Unbelievable Headlight Restoration Kit!

    I highly recommend using the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit, it worked wonders, and I am very surprised how great it came out. Factory new look. Before After
  18. eots44

    I Saw a Lincoln Blackwood Today!

    So I was passing through Delaware today when I see what looks like a first generation Navigator with the top back part cut off to look like a pick up, I never knew such a thing existed, I know of the Mark LT's, but never heard of or seen a Blackwood before. When I got home, I looked it up on the...
  19. eots44

    What Went Wrong?

    I was just thinking about the LS, and how it didn't sell all that well for Lincoln, and I am curious why? I test drove the LS back in the day when they were new, and I thought it was a really nice car, I ended up buying the CTS because I liked it better, but they were very similar, and both did...
  20. eots44

    Strange Key Issue, Any Ideas?

    This is about one of my other cars, a 2012 Chevy Tahoe LT 4X4, so today I was going to drive it and when I put the key in the ignition it was giving me a hard time going in, like something isn't fitting in there right, it resists when I try to pull it out as well, the key is still functional and...