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    I'm back!!!

    Hey guys, I used to be a member here when I had my 96 Mark VIII. Now I'm back, having picked up a 60 Coupe DeVille last Summer to turn into a lowrider. Pics are here:
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    18" Moda MD7 wheels & Kumho tires, low miles, cheap.

    18" Moda MD7 rims with Kumho Ecsta ASX 245/45/18 tires. The set has about 6000 miles on them. No curb rash, scratches, scuffs or any of that stuff. Will fit Lincoln Mark VIII, older T-bird and Cougar, Lincoln LS and some Volvo and Jaguar models. Chrome lugs included. Asking $500. Located in Fair...
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    Transmission curiosities.......

    Ok guys, so my 96 seems to like to shift really early. It will literally shift into OD at as low as 32mph with light throttle on a flat road, bogging the engine. It does this in every gear unless I give it more throttle than I really need to (like running it up to 3000-4000 rpm for the automatic...
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    Mark VIII/Continental door handles

    I've got a brand new set in boxes (1 driver, 1 passenger) of chrome Mark VIII/Continental door handles (outer handle only) for sale. These are genuine Ford parts. $40 shipped to your door.
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    1996 Mark VIII with 36,000 original miles.

    About my Mark VIII: It's a clean car in Silver Frost and a real Diamond Anniversary, but at some point all the back glass was replaced, so the 1/4 windows do not have the gold etching on them. How do I know this? I found pieces of broken glass in the map pockets on the back of the seats and one...
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    Shameless self promotion. 36,000 mile 1996 Diamond Anniversary.

    Somebody has got to want a REAL 36,000 mile 96 Diamond Anniversary...
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    New guy from Maryland

    Hey folks, my name is Bill, I'm 32 and I've got a 96 Mark VIII Diamond Anniversary. Picked it up about a year ago with 29,000 original miles on it. It's now got about 36,000 and will be up for sale shortly if anybody is interested. I've also got a 55 Chevy hot rod I blow all my spending money...