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  1. *Maverick*

    Gen-I Parts Available

    I have alot of left over parts from Mark VIII's I've parted out over the years (all 93 models) and parts lots I've purchased in the past. Mainly body/interior parts available at this point, but some others, so if you're looking for anything, just ask. All proceeds go to the "Help Maverick...
  2. *Maverick*

    '98 LSC Collector's Edition on C/L

    For my NC/SC (and other local LvC'ers): Don't know if this has been posted already, but I just came across this and thought someone might be interested in these, as I don't see them for sale around here very often. He says it's #0500...
  3. *Maverick*

    The Pipedream Continues

    I was on Craigslist this morning doing a search for Mark VIII's, and this popped up: This is the same guy who's been trying to sell this car at ridiculous prices for YEARS, with no success apparently. Now he wants a basically brand new...
  4. *Maverick*

    Smoke coming from rear of engine?

    I'm getting ready to list one of my Mark VIII engines for sale, so I've started cranking it and running it regularly for the last few days (it's still in the car). I've noticed smoke coming from the very back of the engine, just to the passenger side of the throttle body (this is a 93, so the TB...
  5. *Maverick*

    Spring Cleaning - 93 Mark VIII parts

    I have alot of parts accumulated from my current parts car, plus my old parts car and some parts I didn't use out of "parts lot" purchases over the years. I keep these parts in an old house that I'm wanting to start renovating in the next couple months hopefully, so I'm wanting to start going...
  6. *Maverick*

    Might have found a lead for some of you Gen-II Mark VIII guys Just to be clear, I'm not affiliated with the seller, nor am I local to him (he's about half the state away from me), but I found this and thought maybe somebody on here could use some parts he has for sale.
  7. *Maverick*

    93 Mark VIII interior swap into 1981 Foxbody Mustang?

    Ok, obviously, this isn't going to be easy, but I have a friend who's seriously thinking about doing this. He's wanting a nice street/strip foxbody that's also a custom. A couple weeks ago, he was talking about a SN95 Cobra interior swap, but he wanted something different from that. I mentioned...
  8. *Maverick*

    New Member from NC

    Hey all, I just registered here, but I've been familiar with this site for quite a while now; I just haven't really been into the Mark VIII scene in a couple years. I had (still have it actually- don't have the heart to part it out or send it to the junkyard) a 1993 black on black Mark VIII that...