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  1. PMJJ

    LS Coil on plugs

    I have a total of [9] coil packs for sale. The coils came off an 04 V8, will definetly fit 04-06 V8, not sure about GEN I, but a GEN I owner would know better then me. [2] Coils are brand new, updated coils from the campain, [7] are used with 60K on them. The used coils work perfect, only...
  2. PMJJ

    Custom tunes by Torrie

    Wondering if any Gen II guys with a 3.9L had any ETC problems when you got tunes from Torrie. I cannot get this car to stay running when I step on the throttle. Torrie's been busting his butt trying to figure out what is going on, just wondered if anyone had any ETC failsafe mode issues after...
  3. PMJJ

    Vibration at 70mph

    Just wondering if any of you guys use the poly bushings on your cars, vs the stock rubber and have had any vibration issues after you changed them?
  4. PMJJ

    Lincoln LS Gen II Axle parts

    I have a complete axle housing, LH, and RH axle shafts, and driveshaft. Everything is in good shape, only removed due to 8.8 swap installed. All items have 80K on them. $100 Prefer pick-up but could find out price about truck shipment. Please e-mail with any questions.
  5. PMJJ

    Dyno tuning

    Has anyone who's had their car on a dyno had problem's with the ABS/Traction control engaging?
  6. PMJJ

    Gen ii ls driveshaft

    Up for sale is a Lincoln LS driveshaft. Driveshaft is from an '04. The vehicle has 100k on it. The u-joint is tight, the center bearing is tight, and the flex couplers are not ripped. Driveshaft has no noise, or vibration. Only reason I'm selling is I have a 1 piece shaft now. Price is...
  7. PMJJ

    GEN 1 axle measurement

    Could someone with a GEN 1 axle laying around get a couple measurements for me. Trying to install an 8.8 rear end in a GEN 2 car. The original thread on this build states you need GEN 1 axles but I want to make sure because parts store is telling me they are a special order non-return item...
  8. PMJJ

    Pretty much frustrated with Anthony @ Lightwurkz

    I went in on the Angel eye group buy with high hopes. I instantly paid the day the e-mail was received for the money owed. Never received an e-mail that they were shipped, finally recevied the 4 rings. First thing I did when I received the kit was power them up to check functionality. When I...
  9. PMJJ

    Who's car is this?

    Poor thing was TRASHED! What's with the 2011 emblem's on the fenders, and the fake carbon fiber vents, and why were the valve covers in the back seat?
  10. PMJJ

    Check your Angel eyes

    For those who haven't installed them yet like me cause there's 2 feet of snow on the ground thats never gonna melt :mad: oh sorry...Power the rings up and check them, I have 1 with 3 bulbs out. Called Anthony talked to him directly, yes there out of stock for you other guys on the initial...
  11. PMJJ

    LED Puddle lamps...

    Came out pretty good. Alot more of a PITA then I think it's worth, but they are alot brighter. Problem is when they go bad it's time to make a new one again! Just bugged me to have every bulb on the car LED except these. Peace. UH-OH, Just looking at the post, I wonder if I should've...
  12. PMJJ

    Why do you need 2 shift indicators?

    Thought I would do something different. Came out pretty good. I only look at the SST indicators anyway so I thought it would look better with 5 other holes gone.
  13. PMJJ

    Factory DVD player

    Anybody know how to/or know of a company that adapts the factory navigation unit to allow it to play regular DVD's? I found website, but you have to purchase a seperate DVD player
  14. PMJJ

    Intrax springs...

    Anybody try and order intrax springs lately. I ordered a set from Summit racing on 5/2/08, I keep receiving notices that there on backorder telling me an expected ship date of 7/2/08 which keeps moving another week forward every day. The time I get them summer will be over here in NH. Wondering...