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  1. soundwaves454

    noise!!! some help please

    Hope everyone is well. On to the good stuff. So when coming to a complete stop I'd say from 10mph, like stop and go traffic, I'll get a grinding noise. I'd figured the brakes. What seems odd is that when I accelerate it happens again. Briefly. Its an 04 v8 105k. Changed upper control arms, both...
  2. soundwaves454

    91 frwy oc to 605

    Had a bit a fun this morning with a fellow ls owner. Twin cars actually. Light tundra ls8s. Wondering if its a member.
  3. soundwaves454

    SoCal meet?

    I've been messaging a fellow enthusiast on FB of a possible SoCal meet. Guy hasn't been around the forum in a while, has one of the cleanest LS's I've seen here. Meet would be mid Nov to early DEC. Puente hills mall has been mentioned. Anybody down?
  4. soundwaves454

    need some help P0708

    Had a CEL this morning after work. Good thing I did the smog yesterday. P0708 Transmission Range Sensor Circuit High Input. Did some research but I'm completely lost. Has anybody fixed this themselves or better to take it to the stealership?
  5. soundwaves454


    Anyone have one laying around or know the name of this part? Thanks Alex
  6. soundwaves454


    Anyone have one laying around or know the name of this part? Thanks Alex
  7. soundwaves454

    upper control arm question

    I'm planning on replacing tie rods, stabilizer bar links, adjust toe links and my upper control arms. Is it possible to replace just the ball joints or would it be better to get the whole assembly. Also while I'm getting under there is there anything else I should look into? I'm doing...
  8. soundwaves454

    any suggestions

    Let's just say the passenger that did this was awfully quite when they got off the car. The tabs are broken. Any suggestions on how to fix this or would I have to buy a whole new seat? Anybody have one collecting dust that they'd like to turn into dollar bills?
  9. soundwaves454

    Whats our country becoming?!?!?

    Guess I'll continue to work 10 hour shifts on graveyard cus my tax dollars aren't doing enough maybe quit school and pick up a second job. Maybe she can get a show like octomom. China's on to something with that limit on kids (if that be true). Ridiculous!!
  10. soundwaves454

    Beer or liqour

    So I just finished changing oil and AC filter, like to throw back a few beers after. 2 x amber is todays victim. What's yours?
  11. soundwaves454

    Wheel hub bearing preference

    So I've done my research and have a pretty good idea on the tools I'll need to replace them and the procedure to do so. Hopefully doesn't become a brute force job. Anyhow, I haven't yet purchased them. I wanted to ask you guys, what are the quality differences between the Timkin and Moog brands...
  12. soundwaves454

    WTB Center vent with message control

    I am looking for a center vent with message center for a gen 2 ls. Any help would be appreciated
  13. soundwaves454

    ive searched with no success

    ive been searching since my pillar got messed up in the attempted theft of my car. does anyone know how to remove the pillars from the door? i don't want to buy the stick on pillars and can't find any oem replacements. i want to bondo, sand and repaint. any help will be appreciated alex
  14. soundwaves454

    anyone ever had there ls stolen

    i get out of school to find a coat hanger laying next to the car... seems like someone attempted to wedge the door open
  15. soundwaves454

    atrom&garbone great sellers

    thanks for the eyes and surround
  16. soundwaves454

    what do you feed your ls

    70 bucks to fill the tank today... I always pump 76 but today i was running low, last resort was a shell station... I was wondering if switching would have a negative effect and also what do other members fuel with and if they've notice a change switching
  17. soundwaves454

    airbag light

    okay some minor background on the car: had the engine oil cooler go out on me had it replaced along with a cracked thermostat housing,thermostat, a water hose, and the water tank. all 8 ignition coils were also replaced along with thd spark plugs. all within tge last two weeks. now my airbag...
  18. soundwaves454

    new to forum

    hey fellow american luxury car owners. im a proud owner of an 04 lincoln ls. found very helpful topics and discussions. hope to contribute in the future