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  1. AVEY10

    red/black 97 LSC 89k miles, $1700

    Might have to go check this out. Been lookin for a 2nd gen lsc
  2. AVEY10

    4 Door Mustang

    I don't think the mustang will ever add 2 more doors. If they wanna add a 4 door performer than they need to bring the falcon to the states.
  3. AVEY10

    School me on the LS.

    rub its ass and tell it it looks pretty i bet thatll make it run faster. lol. LMAO at this one. Laser pretty damn smart. You think a 7 series will become a classic when a 8 series isnt? ha 7 year run for that generation 7 series and there were over 340,000 made while the 8 series had a 10...
  4. AVEY10

    My Bassani Hybrid Exhaust

    damn sounds good. everytime i see a video of these good lookin and sounding LS i want one more and more.
  5. AVEY10

    School me on the LS.

    like right on the mark said different league for that one. but no doubt alax's ride is awesome though, and cant wait to see it finished. isnt there some dude on here doing some cheap turbo build on his ls? i wouldnt mind owning a ls but id have to have a 4.6 dohc with a 6 speed, just the...
  6. AVEY10

    School me on the LS.

    bet thats a 4.6 dohc under that hood to.
  7. AVEY10

    School me on the LS.

    didnt mean price wise, meant quality wise. the ls has way more options and the interior looks cheap in the t-bird.
  8. AVEY10

    School me on the LS.

    could always check out and get a 11th gen t-bird and say you have a cheap coupe version of the ls lol.
  9. AVEY10

    What do we do for a living??

    when is that? and i thought those were for you ls boys not us MK8 guys. lol.
  10. AVEY10

    Interesting ride home! (Don't read if your safety conscious)

    thats awesome! i admit sometimes i drive like a wild man but thats absolutely crazy that he was driving in the median, would never attempt something like that just because its moronic and the ones around here in ohio would have you dead in a heartbeat.
  11. AVEY10

    What do we do for a living??

    is this dude high on his own drugs? its no wonder the cops pull him over all the time! haha!!
  12. AVEY10

    Tons of Gen2 Sleepy Hollow Pics...anyone have more modified gen 2 photos?

    not a fan of a body kit for the marks. makes the car look a hell of alot bigger. now the cobra bumper from temple performance looks absolutely fantastic.
  13. AVEY10

    Rear Brake Line Replacement

    i always hate using bending tools. i just do it by hand, its not that hard if your careful, plus $5 for 5 feet of brake line id much rather do it myself.
  14. AVEY10

    One day

    for the price of that benz you could probably have something like this. Fischer Motorsports Built - 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 - Texas Mile Record Holder - YouTube
  15. AVEY10


    go big or go home! lol. this is what id like to throw in sooner or later.
  16. AVEY10

    So need 10 inch wide tires in rear!!

    such a gorgeous car man!
  17. AVEY10

    So need 10 inch wide tires in rear!!

    how the hell did you fit 285's in the back!? just a hub swap?
  18. AVEY10

    Didn't expect this one.

    woulda thought you woulda have broken your Tcase before your tranny.
  19. AVEY10


    its all about what you like. i had 3 mtx 10's at 600W a piece on a 1500W autotek mono block in a ported box in my 95, it was outrageously tight in there and had to make minor adjusments, but it sounded amazing! now when i get a 2nd gen ima put that setup back in but with a sealed box that...
  20. AVEY10

    This could be a fun project

    you gonna pick it up?