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    new Daily driver!!

    Picked up a 94' super coupe manual couple weeks ago. 211k on body, 500(yes five hundred)km on motor. car has after market cams, ported heads and a crankshaft out of a 4.2l windstar. everything else is stock. I was told the previous owner to which whom i bought it off of rebuilt the motor then...
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    Is this is the right transmission? is this the t3650? im pretty sure it is, seems like a good deal. might just have to grab it! after i grab this of course...
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    Advice for top end work

    I'm about to do my upper and lower intake manifold gaskets because they are leaking. I was Just wondering if any body has some tips/tricks, thing I could replace while this deep in, etc that would be good to know about. Thanks guys!
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    anything i can use? any usable parts from this lot i could snag?
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    A couple questions.

    Just a couple questions that I would love to have answered. 1. Would one be able to run a 255/50r16 tire on the rear without any issues? 2. say one were install 4:30 gears, what should he expect? untuned that is.
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    should I buy it? same colour inside and out as mine, I think I know the answer to the question already, just wanted to rub it in :p
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    Diamond in the rough

    Well I never did post proper pictures of my new mark. It is a 97 LSC with every factory option. paid 2300 dollars if I recall (might have been 2500 cannot remember). car had 114k miles when i bought it, about to break 120k miles in the next few days. Anyways I have done LOTS of work on her.(I...
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    Maf question

    I need to clean my maf again but my tools are at work so I don't have anti tamper torx bits at home, is it safe for me to just spray Er in there carefully? I know the back plate may cause pooling of the fluid in that little area. Just wanted a second opinion, thanks
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    Deleting o2 sensors

    So as some of you may have read I was having an issue with my mark. The issue was that my mark would not idle while cold, I replaced the iac,ECT,cleaned the maf,tps(just because) and did a smoke test on the vacuum system which determined no leaks. After a few days the car finally threw a code...
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    First problem!

    So first majorish issue on the new mark I haven't had time to look at it but the thing won't idle cold, if you sit in the car and hold revs till its warm it idles fine. But if she's cold it'll start run sputter and quit. Any ideas fellas? Much appreciated!
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    Gear question

    Found some 4:30 gears locally only thing is he says It's 8.8 and 33 spline strange. Now this confuses me he swears they will work in my car but I wanted to double check. Any help appreciated. P.s only used once, 80 bucks, good deal?
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    Creaky steering

    So after about a week of ownership of my new 97, the steering is starting to creak. It only creaks when pulling out of a parking spot, or slowly turning the steering wheel. Sounds like a creaky ship on water. My fluid level is good, fluid seems fine(no burned smell or weird colour) I did...
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    picked up another mark.

    1997 Lincoln mark VIII LSC 114,000 miles. New steering column with new clock spring, recently replaced air ride, recent front end work, brand new tires, brakes measured at 10mm front and 8mm rear. Car came with 2 new OEM rear bags, rebuilt compressor and another steering column, also...
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    first issues, etc fail safe

    so I know I am frowned upon in this community but if someone is willing to point me in the right direction thatd be great. 04 lincoln ls v8 45k miles car keeps going into failsafe mode, coils were replaced under warranty maybe 3-4 weeks ago, i changed the sparkplugs the day after the coils...
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    Fs: Sct xcal 3 unlocked

    like the title says, was used on my f150, got t boned in the truck so it is no more. truck was set back to stock so the device is unlocked. comes with everything you would get if bought new, paid 400 only asking 175 including shipping anywhere north america. need this gone, wanting to fund...
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    just a heads up

    came across this site browsing, dunno if anyone has heard of it.
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    pictures of my ls'

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    Don't be mad..

    Bought an 04 ls with 39k miles, every option except nav. V8, same color as Rollin' ls, cashmere interior. Will post pics when I get home from work. Must say it is a nice driving car and I enjoy it. (did I just say that?)
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    Tranny issue

    Well this pos mark just got worse, the tranny just randomly decided to tell my 3rd gear and possibly 4th to fugg off. The tranny didn't make any noise or anything, fluid and filter are new. I'm thinking a solenoid hit the :q:q:q:qs. If so anybody got part #s if not any advice would be...