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    94 long block wanted

    I'm looking for a rebuildable 94 longblock. I'm going with better rods, comp cams kit and I'm looking at a stroker kit that takes it to 5.0L. If you've got a solid rebuildable block, let me know. Thanks Kevin
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    Coolant tube mods

    years ago I posted asking if anyone had done away with the crossover tube and used AN firings and hose to get rid of the crossover. I'm looking for the info in that thread to do that mod and add one of the clear thermostat housings. Any help? Thanks Kevin
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    Door handle

    I need a drivers side exterior door handle assembly. Preferably in silver. Kevin 816-518-5525.
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    Parts needed

    I need a good coolant crossover tube, both coil mounting brackets, alternator bracket, all four brake backing plates, thermostat housing, hood latch from hood, hood prop rod mounts-top and bottom. Anybody got this stuff? I just did a job for a major metal shop and they are going to powder coat...
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    Please Lincoln!!

    Since 1999, Gene Angelino has been supplying parts and expertise to me personanlly and to this group daily. Without reservation or charge. Our community cannot live without him, Chicken, Driller, Sapper, Pepperman, Don Pfau, and the rest (Froggy, you too *******), you guys are the heart of this...
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    Autolamp function

    Did a search for auto lamp function failure- nothing good found. Fuses are good. Could it be the sensor on the dash? What other components are involved the system? Troubleshooting advice?
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    Starting some s$!t here!!! Detroit over da evil empire and Redbirds over left coast midgets! Cards vs kittycats- Cards win!!!!!
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    1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

    Grandma's baby- matching numbers car, rebuilt 337 cu in flathead V8, 180 whoppin' HP, three speed with overdrive, factory fog lights, optional factory heater, new paint, seven entire hand cut and dyed cowhides for the interior, adjustable suspension for height and ride, hydraulic top, windows...
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    Motorcycle post

    Just a couple of pics of my '96 Shadow ACE. Lots of mods- Hypercharger, K&N, Stage two carb kit, Vance and Hines straight shots, seat recountoured(2" lowered), LED headlight, Kyurakin grips mirrors and pegs(flamed), amp, speakers and ipod/gps mount, front forks adjust with air, and custom...
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    This summer's mods

    [/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG] 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII-silencer deleted,double 3" high flow cats, double x pipes,LMS mufflers,3.73 Traclok, aluminum drive shaft, new airbags and compressoor, chipped, built trans and looser converter, shift kit, deep pan, trans cooler,under drive pulleys,130...
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    Hot Rod Power Tour

    I'm headed for the power tour last three days- June 6,7,8 in Miami and Stillwater OK and Arlington TX. Anyone else going? Be good to have some more Lincoln presence there. I'm going with some Mustang and Cobra guys- they'll probably make me last in line! Pics to follow when I get back.
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    Steering wheel

    I need a black steering wheel, preferably with the air bag for my '94. Anybody got one?
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    Parts is parts

    Got the following to sell- Valve covers and plug covers- two sets- make offer Headlights- need rework- two sets-make offer Stock differential center section- make offer Instrument cluster- make offer Silver original hood- make offer Complete set '94 20 spoke wheels- two excellent, two fair...
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    Arrived this evening in Bakersfield, CA for the 20th annual California Hot Rod Reunion- 300 Nostalgia Fuelers and Funny Cars, plus three days of swap meet, vendors, and cacklefest. Got here in a 2012 Mustang GT 5.0- brand new Hertz rent-a-racer, shelby blue with white stripes. Thing will just...
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    Anybody heard from Stack (Aaron Stachowski) recently? I paid him $250 for several trans items the last week in August and I still don't have the items. He went on vacation after that for a week and its now going on 40 days.
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    Muscle Car Reunion KCIR

    There's a Muscle Car Reunion this week end at KCIR, KC, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 15,16, and 17. I'm going to be there all day Saturday. Nostalgia Nitro Funnies, Pro-mods, 60's steel funnies, factory backed 60's muscle cars. Tons-o'-fun! I park on the pit side with the race cars-...
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    '49 mods

    My '49 Lincoln Cosmopolitan went in for mods this week- 6 to 12 volt conversion(ignition and starting), repairs to hydraulic windows, top, seats, and I found 337 flathead reproductions of three stromberg, single four-barrel, or two stromberg intakes and Edelbrock high compression heads- all in...
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    I'm still looking for the ECU from a '93 that has no speed limiter, different shift points and trans pressures. Anyone got one? I know Jamie had some recently.
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    H2O pump

    OK, this week the serpentine belt starts to howl a bit when cold starting. Thought maybe the belt was shot and slipping or the tensioner was failing or idler pulley bearing was going bad. After listening to it, it sounded like the alternator was full of marbles while running- cool- alternator...
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    I want a one piece aluminum driveshaft to install when I do the 3.73's- preferably aftermarket shaft. Anybody got one?