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  1. Limey

    1984 4.1 air pump

    The thing i'm asking about is right under the alternator. What is it and what does it do? Can I disconnect it? Had a drive belt snap in just a week and this pump feels a little rough to turn
  2. Limey

    4.1 info wanted

    What is that pump like object located directly beneath the alternator on my RWD 4.1 deVille? Second question, what does it do?
  3. Limey

    How to blank off EGR?

    Having priced up exhaust systems online ($500 shipping!) I've decided I ned to have one made up here. Went for a quote yesterday to have one built in stainless. They seemed to have no idea how to do it and quoted £1000. That's like $2000! So-o, there's another place I can go that build...
  4. Limey

    '84 4.1 idle too high

    How is the idle speed controlled on my 1984 4.1 sedan deville? The idle is high which is making the car push on when I brake. The other day when it was wet the front wheels locked up and I carried straight on across a road junction. Not good, I need to get this sorted!
  5. Limey

    leaking oil level sender

    The thing screwed into the side of my oil pan, that I assume to be a level sensor, is leaking oil out. Do you think it will require replacing or is there some kind of gasket/seal that can be tightened/renewed?
  6. Limey

    1947 Cadillac

    Just about to buy a 1947 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 special. Any opinions? When I looked on and there were absolutely none. Maybe quite rare then?
  7. Limey

    Exhaust advice wanted

    My tailpipes are rotten on my '92 LSC. The rest of the system looks sound enough but... I wouldn't mind it sounding a bit nicer. Not loud, but a nice deep rumble. Maybe this is my opportunity to do something about it. While I'm at it, what difference, if any, will removing the 'cats' make? I...
  8. Limey

    How do I decode the vehicle number?

    Anyone have a link or the info for me to tell when my Mark VII was built? Should be a 1992 but in England the legal requirement for a vehicle to have a catalytic convertor starts at August 1st 1992. Obviously it may be beneficial for me to know wether I could remove them or not. The vehicle...
  9. Limey

    whats the score with these?
  10. Limey

    Need wheel alignment specs

    I need to have the front wheel alignment checked on my '92 LSC. Does anyone know what it should be set to? I assume it will be toe-in, but by how much?
  11. Limey

    Coil spring conversion woes

    My '92 LSC was professionally converted to coil springs before I bought it using parts imported from the U.S. But, it sits backwards and I don't like it. Is this normal? I mean, like I can get 2 fingers between tyre and fender at the rear but almost my whole hand at the front. I do have extra...
  12. Limey

    what's the p.c.d?

    What is the p.c.d. of the wheels on the Mark VII? Is it the same as the new Mustangs?
  13. Limey

    poor headlamp performance

    Any suggestions to improve the lights on my '92 LSC?:confused: I haven't tried polishing the plastic lenses yet as they look to be in very good condition anyway. The lights were really quite poor so I fitted a pair of 'extra bright' bulbs. You know those blue Xenon things. Now they are...
  14. Limey

    help with 1969 Mercury Marquis Brougham

    I've seen a really nice '69 Marquis Brougham 2-door hardtop coupe for sale and I'm very tempted. Help me make up my mind! I know very little about these cars. It has a 390 2-bbl and no toys. Are they rare? Are they any good? All opinions are welcome!
  15. Limey


    My '92 LSC is dark metallic green. Looks like there's a bit of pearl in it too. Question is, how rare is it? It's just that I keep seeing loads of bergundy, black, and gold cars in the galleries but never this green. It is a nice colour though. Where do I find the paint code and does...