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  1. mossbergman

    I'm baaaack!!! (in white)

    So as many of you know, i went on hiatus about a year ago. Sold out (or rather traded out) for something a bit faster, different, and easier to find parts for. heres some pics of the old car. mods included a tune, hubswap, straight piped and 4.10/traclok. anyway you get the picture. One...
  2. mossbergman

    any problems with the higher mileage cars? (link inside)

    looking to get back into the game and this car is localish. I know to look for the usual blend door, suspension issues, ball joints/bushings/ect. are there any problems that start to arise with the powertrain at that mileage? I know with proper maintenance these will soldier on for a long time...
  3. mossbergman

    For Sale WTB clean realiable mark

    ok i want back in the game. prefer a 2nd gen with heated seats but really any clean car will do it for me (1st or 2ng gen). Mods are completely ok. dont care if its on coils or air, air must work though. Looking for cars in the midwest, willing to travel a bit to get the right car. my budget is...
  4. mossbergman

    Interesting car on CL

    i this anybody on here? not a whole lot of people would take the time and hassle to find and swap 96 lsc housings to a 93 without being an enthusiast or knowing at least a little about marks. also kind of a rare color combo. if i had some cash i might go look at it...
  5. mossbergman

    rear lca's

    like title says, rear lcas. not sure on a good price, but ive heard some of the tbird guys sometimes go for them because they are aluminum. help me price them and spread the word. price is whatever i think a good enough offer is :D
  6. mossbergman

    pair of octis. kinda rough, good wheels 4 slicks

    like the title says, i have a pair of octis left in my garage. they are not the best looking, but hold air, and are the rumored to be the lightest of the mark wheels. one has a little rash, and the other is peeling on the inside of the wheel. there is almost not pitting that can be seen on the...
  7. mossbergman

    Wtf ultimateSVT's old car??? quick buy it back!! edit i meant ultimatesvt..:shifty:
  8. mossbergman

    local 96 lsc partout; who wants what

    Like the title says, local partout good bumpers and headlights, might take some other stuff if you guys need it. Just let me know
  9. mossbergman

    Mossbergman's farewell thread

    well, i know here a few weeks ago i made some noise about selling out, and here i am. It was so hard to leave her there, god damn it was hard. I loved that car with all my heart and soul. I cant believe i actually went through with it. Through the sadness though, i have something to fill the...
  10. mossbergman

    1997 mark; hubswap 88k

    Selling my beast. See sig for mods. 88k 4500$ obo Can get interior pics if interested
  11. mossbergman

    me and my friends hanging out

    Had a little meet last Friday. Bout 55-60 degrees out, real nice. I've bben debating with myself whether or not to part with the beast though. I've been wanting a stang for a long time now, and I'm starting to burn out of the whole mark thing. I like it, especially the way it looks with the...
  12. mossbergman

    look at my intake :D

    50+ HP fo sho
  13. mossbergman

    Best control arms?

    the nut on my dorman lca on the ball joint failed today (thankfully leaving my friends driveway). looked grotesque as ****. got it jacked up and put together enough to park. so my question is what is the best brand to get? Moog, raybestos, ?? i would like to find an oem ford one..
  14. mossbergman

    gas smell now

    Tonight, coming home from work, the car has some serious gas fumes. Serious enough to permeate my clothes in the smell. Broke out a flash light and looked under the car, and saw nothing obvious. Car is next to empty. smell seems to be coming from around the tank area. It has happened once...
  15. mossbergman

    Whats broke on your car?

    Just though of this thread idea. Everybody here has a mark, and that more than likely means something is broke on it. its part of owing one of these >14 year old beasts. Heres a short list of my issues -broke blend door -broke ebrake cable -headlight out due to scil -rattles like a mf due...
  16. mossbergman

    craiglist find

    looks to be in fabulous shape for the mileage. If the car was closer i might very seriously think about picking it up.
  17. mossbergman

    friendly wager between me and my best friend

    He says that my car won't go <13.50 with a stall intake and headers. I want desperately to prove him and everybody else wrong. Think we can do it? I say we because you all here are the greatest support I have lol. Hopefully my stainless custom header people will come through, and I will be able...
  18. mossbergman

    brrrr.. damn heaters not working

    So i believe tonight, i have encountered the infamous blend door issues. we had some warm weather recently and i ran the ac. come tonight, it was a bit chilly and i was in sleeves. and no heat. my initial guess is the blend door. how long does it take for the uninitiated? anyone want to come help?
  19. mossbergman

    a little run from tonight

    Couple notes. -need one piece driveshaft.. awful shaky 100< -needs cobra brakes or something even more badass than those. There was quite the brake smell, and the pedal was getting very soft. -still in 3rd till I let off. Wouldn't go into 4th, even with the o/d switched on - big fun want...
  20. mossbergman

    well its probably gonna happen

    the cobra intake mod that is. The thing is, im terrified to do it. my basic plans so far call for egr delete, imrc delete, and stock fuel rails, dlf style 03cobra/stock intake tube hybrid. so i have lots of questions, if you could imagine.. 1. i know that some shorter bolts are required in...