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  1. SATURN5

    97/98 door mirror wiring diagram

    Anyone have the diagrams for the gen 2 door mirrors? I found an old thread but the links are dead. Thanks.
  2. SATURN5

    grrey front leather grey covers

    feeler for a set of front grey lower (and/or with upper) seat covers.
  3. SATURN5

    What's needed...

    To pull the front seats out of a LS? I saw one in a local yard last weekend with some very nice seats, but I didn't have time to investigate what Lincoln used to bolt them down. IIIRC it was a 2004... Thanks.
  4. SATURN5

    Mark VIII Pass side outside door handle

    Wife broke the outside pass door handle, need a replacement. First choice is black, but I'll look at any good handle..
  5. SATURN5

    So I killed two tires less then 7500 miles...

    Last Nov I replaced the rear tires, last set had normal wear. Seems sometime over our long and very cold winter the bushings in the upper rear control arms went on vacation.... So I have a "spare" set on my F100, but they have the second design bushing in them that's junk so I'm looking for...
  6. SATURN5

    Rear upper control arms..

    Need a pair of upper rear arms with good bushings. Bob
  7. SATURN5

    96 Lt Graphite Info center swith panel

    Looking for a 96 LT Graphite Information switch panel. The reset button on mine has crapped out.
  8. SATURN5

    Front lower control arm...

    It's like 10* out and I'm not climbing under mine to measure, but I'm hoping that someone has a front lower arm laying around that can get some measurements for me. Need two. From pivot to shock centerline. From pivot to ball joint centerline. Thanks....
  9. SATURN5

    Possible oil pan replacement?

    Not a bad price, will fit a 4.6 (same pan gasket), the question is, will it fit a Mark VIII?
  10. SATURN5

    97 ECM VSS or OSS?

    Researching for the F100. I've got a 97 Mark VIII ECM, my T45 is currently set up with OSS. Are they compatible as they are or will I need to swap the tailshaft for an earlier T45 that uses VSS and gears? Next, is figuring out what to do for a speedo...
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    This sucks. Was swapping hubs on my spindles for the F100, pass side went without a hitch. Driver's side freaking exploded, leaving the outer shell stuck in the spindle. Tried taking a endmill to cut some half moons to expose the face of the shell and again tried to press it out a little at...
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    Clean out your inbox buddy! :p (Have you had a chance to check the fit of the pass side brace?)
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    97 ECM pinout

    Anyone have a print out for a 97 ECM/PCM?
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    Some wanted to see the F100 I'm working on. It's a 68, stepside. Putting in a +04 Crown Vic IFS, FN10/MN12 IRS, DOHC and TR3650. Looking at a staggered set of 18" anthricite Bullitts for wheels. As I bought it almost 10 years ago, drove it home from Little Rock... Complete with a 350...
  15. SATURN5

    Proto subframe connector

    Had a request for some full length subframe connectors. I've been told that gen 2 tanks hang lower then a gen 1, and of course, I've got a gen 1 to work from. Anyway, this is what I've got going so far, there is 1 inch extra clearance from my tank to the brace. I've got to send it out to my...
  16. SATURN5

    Panama City, Fl CL One of my FL Mustang buddies saw this and passed it along to me.
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    Went to pull the front wheels off today to have some new tires put on, and the jack slipped off the cross member... Which then let the full weight of the car slam into the jack and the pan. Got the jack repositioned and car up on stands, and see the pan is shoved up. Went and got the tires...
  18. SATURN5

    Blower fan issues.

    Occasionally my blower fan won't kick on. Now if I thump the dash to the right of the information center, it will start working. Sometimes for good, other times it will stop, and start by itself. Just wondering where to start with.. The speed module? or I'm leaning that the...
  19. SATURN5

    Air ride

    Bit of a different question. My daily drive is mixed city/highway, but the highway part has lights ever few miles. So lots of 0 to 60/65 (posted 50-55) blasts then stop. So the air ride is always venting or compressing. It's already sensor lowered so I really don't care if it vents at 60...
  20. SATURN5

    Recurrent code

    Misfire on cylinder #1. Seems to happen under light acceleration, ~40% throttle it will buck/miss and set a code. Doesn't seem to buck/miss under full throttle, but will stutter from a dead stop/full punch. Idle is smooth and steady. 147K miles, well kept. Not sure if the pump is getting...