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  1. AVEY10

    saint patricks day

    hope everyone had a good and safe one, and nothing crazy happened like what happened to me tonight!!
  2. AVEY10


    anyone ever use these on their mark or any car? i heard some people didnt want to use them cause they are cheap. gonna be lookin at a white 98 lsc here soon and i wouldnt mind doing a hub swap, getting...
  3. AVEY10


    anyone on here in the marines? and if so how do you like it. went up to the recruiter today, took the pretest and blew it out of the water, he told me if i do the same on the asvab test id be able to qualify for any job. i go back tomorrow to fill out paperwork and schedule for the asvab...
  4. AVEY10

    system sizes

    just curious as to what everyone in a mark viii is running and what size of box your using. might be getting another mark viii this weekend, and the first thing ill be doing is putting a system in it. either gonna run 2 cerwin-vega 12" strokers rated at 2400W rms, or a single orion hcca...
  5. AVEY10


    In the next month or so ima be looking for a 2nd gen lsc in either ivory or toreador red. If anyone could help me locate one id appreciate it. Remember i live in ohio, im not tryin to go buy a car in the far west or deep south. Lol.
  6. AVEY10

    new ink

    my #6. pretty excited about this one. the girl that did it did a amazing job. 1940's pin up girl under my upper right arm .
  7. AVEY10

    parting out a 1st gen

    What in total have you guys got for parting out a 1st gen?? Everything on it is good except the grill, windshield, and the paint.
  8. AVEY10

    cobra head swap and supercharger?

    what all usually goes into this. would love to do this since i plan on buying another gen1 in another 6 months or so and using my current 95 as a parts car, so i will be rebuilding that engine.
  9. AVEY10

    parking brake line to caliper

    Tryin to get the line off and it wont, replacing the caliper cause piston is frozen. I got the spring off but the line wont come up. Any suggestions??
  10. AVEY10

    anyone know anything about the lemon law?

    As stated above, anyone know anything about it or been in a situation with a lemon?
  11. AVEY10

    cold starts suck

    Well lately the mark has been getting a little rougher on cold starts and takes about 10. Or so minutes for the engine to get up to par. It seems to be misfiring, but also if its short on fuel. This morning i left work and couldnt even get up to 15mph cause the car wouldnt get past 2k rpm and...
  12. AVEY10

    upper control arm help

    Alright im workin on the mark and tryin to get these damn things off. Im still workin on the.drivers side and the flag on the bolt is backwards so i cant break it off and its way to damn hard to get under the master cylinder. Any sugestions or advice??
  13. AVEY10

    power steering help

    Well since i bought the car its been leaking power steering fluid, nothin to bad it emptied out after several really tight turns but was still pretty easy to turn, filled it back up and didnt leak. Well this morning after i got off work went to go start the car and i hear a loud squealing noise...
  14. AVEY10

    Who's got 20's??

    Whos got em on their mark and do they look good?? Tryin to figure out on what size i should run 18's or 20's. Lookin at the helo he866 or the he844.
  15. AVEY10

    mark viii upper control arms

    anyone buy these ones?? or would i be better off with a set of moogs, the moogs are about $108 a piece. gonna have some fun in a couple weeks replacing the front air struts, upper control arms, and...
  16. AVEY10

    new trans in a 95 mark VIII??

    just bought a 95 mark this weekend with 114K on it, car is in pretty good shape. gotta replace some things here and there, but the major thing currently that i have a problem with is the trans. it shifts great when your just kinda crusing but if i get on the gas itll jump out to about...
  17. AVEY10

    new guy here.

    hey guys finally decided to join after i finally purchased a 1995 lincoln mark VIII this last saturday. about me, 19 year old kid working right now till i join the coast guard in may, gotta save up some cash quick, i believe the mark needs a new trans more questions will come. lol.