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    For Sale 1994 Thunderbird 4.6 LX in central FL

    Hi guys, It's time for me to part with the car since I really don't drive it much, having two cars. I am asking a bit more in the Craigslist ad, but realistically I'm asking for about $1600. She runs great. Drivetrain-wise, only issue is that first-to-second shifts are a little firm...
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    Wtb vcrm 97-98

    shipped to 32708? Thanks!!
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    Quick air-ride question and which wire to cut to avoid "city ride height"

    So I want the car to stay the same height no matter what, where, when, how. I am going to sensor-lower it as well. Judging from the diagram below, all I'd have to do is cut #5 to the module won't know that the door is open/closed.. am I right? Or would I need to supply current to it at all...
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    Is replacing inner tie rods absolutely necessary when doing everything else?

    I've been tallying up all the front end parts I am going to buy (including Motorcraft SRB's) and am already over-budget. I'll be buying the outers tie rods for sure.
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    car feels like it bounces to one side after going over small bumps/potholes/etc

    Hi guys, My car seems to float/bounce to the side a little after going over small road bumps, potholes and even thick road markings. Would worn rear shocks do this? I'd imagine it doesn't help having heavy Bullitt wheels that exaggerate the problem. The car feels like it does this only after...
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    vent solenoid for air ride?

    I am not sure if the solenoid is part of the air pump assembly or if it can be replaced by itself (I haven't actually taken a look at the air pump assembly yet) If it can be replaced by itself, anyone have one laying around?
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    Who's gen 1 is this in the Tampa Bay local news?

    Anyone from here? It's obviously lowered, tinted...
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    My Mark VIII is (unofficially) out of business

    Out of nowhere last night while I was idling at a traffic light, engine started missing. Didn't think much of it since another coil or plug went. Bought a new set of plugs and one coil just in case and started working on the car tonight. Low and behold, the plug at the back on the...
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    Trying to find source of oil leak (most likely not filter adapter gasket)

    Hi guys, 1) I couple weeks ago I did an oil change. While under there, I checked the obvious place the massive leak would come from, but the surrounding area around the filter adapter is bone dry. 2) Since these cars use electric oil sending units, oil doesn't appear to be coming out of...
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    Just for fun, what would it take to make a Mark VIII Autobahn-ready?

    I was a little bored and started watching Autobahn videos of all types of cars topping speeds on the Autobahn, especially those making it over 300KPH. This got me thinking. How would you prepare your Mark to take on the Autobahn, top speeds for long distances, without overheating issues, and...
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    '97 PCM - differences between Canadian export vs. US?

    So I'm shopping around for a PCM. There's a guy in Ontario that has a PCM from a 97 export parts car. Before I commit, would like to know if I will run into any issues such as false speedometer/odo readings on gauge, differences in tune, emissions, etc. I'm chasing down a problem in my...
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    WTB: PCM for '97 Mark

    Looking for a working PCM for my '97 Mark LSC. Not sure if a '98 PCM will work too. Shipping to FL 33714.
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    Engine started "choking" getting on the highway

    I had posted this in the "what did you do today" thread a few days ago but maybe I can get more opinions here. On Wednesday, I was doing my usual drive from work to home. Merging onto the highway, my car decided to, out of nowhere, puke out on as if it were starving for gas. It started...
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    Help me find some exhaust tips...

    So I'm getting ready to order all the exhaust stuff. In fact, I just placed an order for a Dynomax Ultraflow X DI-DO muffler. The next thing on the list is stainless exhaust tips.. What would you guys buy for your G2's? I have something like this in mind, but these are a little pricey ($94...
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    Front end shake at 70~ MPH before & after new wheels

    So I had my new tires mounted/balanced on the new Bullitt rims last weekend and put on the wheels on the car myself using the provided center rings to center the wheels correctly onto the hubs. Before the new wheels, I had a faint steering wheel shimmy at around 70~ MPH and thought it wasn't a...
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    Can I still get key FOB made for my car?

    When I bought the car, it had two key FOB's on there but did not work, even with new batteries. They were Mercury brand but I assumed they were probably reprogrammed for my car. Now I just think they were put on the wrong key chain by a previous dealer. Where could I order FOB's for my car?
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    Bad caliper?

    I ordered OEM rotors and pads for the front off of Rockauto. Decided to work on the car today and everything went on smoothly. I go for a test drive for a couple of miles and the passenger side begins to smoke. :( I jack up the car and wheel barely moves freely. Re-installed new pads...
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    Anyone use amber bulbs in place of the white bulb?

    So on the front/corner lamps, anyone running amber bulbs and that they remain on with the rest of the parking lights? I think it would be cool to have 3 amber lights on each side to take advantage of all that real estate that isn't used much by the the courtesy turn-lights (whatever the heck...
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    How much did you pay for your custom wheels?

    Wondering. I am really thinking about getting the Sleeper wheels from True Forged in polished or anthracite. They e-mailed me back saying they can make them in the 5x4.25 in 18's in a staggered set. They were asking me about widths and offset but not too sure what numbers to give them yet...
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    can the highway lowering be disabled?

    So let's say I get an ASHAM8 and I want to maintain the same height in city and highway. I'm just one of those that want to have full control...