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  1. manoli

    Muffler&Tips ??

    Yes I have searched :D I will be ordering exhaust hopefully tonight or tommorow morning and I tried searching and to be honest im very confused Ive found multiple threads saying very diffrent info from one to the next. 2000 LS V8: (note) Im going to be installing a gen 1 LSE rear valance...
  2. manoli

    Fs:ls gen2 headlight-grille-gen 1 parts

    Hello fellow LVC members I have a couple of parts for sale. Gen 1 Tinted side marker and bumper lights(Sport Bumper) Gen 1 Fog Lights (refinished) with 6k vled bulbs Gen 2 Grille Chrome surround (small bubble on top pictured) Gen 1 Wood shift knob Gen 2 Wood shift knob...
  3. manoli

    LSE Side Skirt Clips

    Ive searched and cant find anything so far, anybody know where I can find anything like this clip? My painter said that there was only one of them that was in good shape, I need about 20 of them. Skirts are off of a 02 LSE. Thanks in advance.
  4. manoli

    Lincoln Ls Grille and Fender emblem moldings

    Up for sale Grille and Fender emblem moldings (2 sets) Grille - Black and white Lincoln ls emblem no broken tabs -$45 plus shipping. Fender emblem moldings- Good conditon pearl and blue set- $25 each set free shipping. I also have a few more other things that I will post...
  5. manoli

    Gen 1 LSE Two-tone tails installed!! (PICS)

    A big thank you to 214rod for a nice smooth transaction another great seller on LVC. I have been on the hunt for a while now and have gone crazy trying to find this set of tails :D Very happy with them, I know a lot of members like the all reds but I like both styles ;)...
  6. manoli

    My Uncle's M3

    E46 BMW M3 - YouTube He has also painted the wheels as well with a custom M3 badge on the lip....enjoy.
  7. manoli

    Painted Emblems

    Painted some emblems i had laying around. I have to more i would like to paint as well just not sure what color scheme yet to match best with (autumn red). Let me know what you guys think.
  8. manoli

    For sale: Mach 1 lip + Grill

    Mach 1 lip never installed new out of box-$70 plus shipping Gen 1 grill used-$50 plus shipping pending sale on grill.
  9. manoli

    Someones using our pics on ebay!

    Not sure what to do I think its wrong to just use someones photo to make MONEY so far ive noticed mine and Pektels car in there gallery and im sure theres otheres...
  10. manoli

    Roush Lincoln Ls??

    LOL im surprised this guy never made it on LVC.
  11. manoli

    Need Help Calender Pic

    #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
  12. manoli

    Went to the beach took a few pics

  13. manoli

    A/C Problem!!!

    Well its really hot in Fl. and my a/c stopped blowing cold. In january of this year everything was replaced in the ac system, compressor,dryer etc. I take my car back the other day and he checks the freon levels and the high side was good and the low side was very low so he filled it and it blew...
  14. manoli

    After market Lincoln ls website? Could be B.S. they claim to sell sprint springs, what look like lse spoilers really cheap....anybody heard of them?
  15. manoli

    LSE Spoiler Installed Lots Of Pics

    Got it back today from paint and im not happy with it :mad: So my paint guy is coming out to my job tomorrow and taking it back off to re-do it, (looks like they put to much clear coat on one so it looks like it chit) Sorry thats why no close up pics, anyway enjoy ( pre-calander pic submissions :D)
  16. manoli

    Located & Purchased!!

    02 Lse spoiler Well it took me a while to find it but it payed off, Good friend over at Lincoln did a national search and found 3( Now theres only two) I have the info the other 2 spoilers at dealerships price was 210 shipped to me, Pm me if you would like the info more than happy to help LVC...
  17. manoli

    LSE Bumpers On Ebay?? What do you guys think? legit??
  18. manoli

    02 LSE spoiler part #

    Went to the Lincoln dealership to purchase a part and asked about the spoiler for an 02 LSE and he says it's this one and that he can get me one. Is this the correct one? I personally have never seen one in person so i have no idea, I know theres a few of you guys out there that have the...
  19. manoli

    Found my overheating problem

    Yup the bottle was cracked in 4 places but never leaked at all and my engine fill cap was also cracked it was leaking just a little bit. Thanks LVC members for posting threads and answering my Newb-questions :D
  20. manoli

    What am I driving????

    Thought it would be fun just to see if you guys can guess just by the dashboard i know theres a few members that should know right away, Dont mind my wife at the end getting ready to yell HAHA YouTube - ‪what am i driving?‬‏