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  1. MrScalia

    Where is the charcoal canister on a 2001 LS

  2. MrScalia

    Driverside door latch

    Last week went to get out of my 2001 LS and handle will not open door have to roll window down and open from outside ... I found the latch on Amazon is that the common fix or is it a cable or something else?
  3. MrScalia

    May the 4 th be with u

  4. MrScalia

    Sucks to come in 2nd

    23 American Cars You Shouldn't Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole
  5. MrScalia

    Stock radoi question

    Are gen 2 stock radios direct fit for 2001 I've got a 6cd ...I'm hoping to keep it stock but I normally have music from my cell . Thanks It's that's or FM tranmtransm them suck
  6. MrScalia

    Going to pick up my LS

    Ever since I put a deposit down , I've been having trouble sleeping. Emptied my back account but coved my nut ... Wife pissed but , I will be back in My own car. Funny thing is I told her I deiced on an LS back in 2010 that was going be my next car until somthing fell in to my lap. Here is...
  7. MrScalia

    Hobbies : What do You love to Do?

    Im just Starting Out As a Drone Pilot I was a Co-Founder Of Clones408 a Medical Marijuana Professional Company . along with that We grew Weed for My Parnters Uncle a Ex Fremont PD. now I only Grow Tomatos , but I still treat every Plant like its My Baby Im running a Flood table to feed...
  8. MrScalia

    Fords level 1 autonomous

    So me and my father in law are going to look at the LS l bought . He's a Vet and a retired SDPD about 72 years . He drives a 2016 F350 diesel. As we are cruzing down freeway , i notice his assend is drifting in to the right lane . I watched a mustang come up on us and it did a nosedive as we...
  9. MrScalia

    Anyone have a LS with out.

    A message center ? I just saw the car I'm buying and I was looking for message center and I don't see it in the center
  10. MrScalia

    Facebook its Not Your Massage board You think it is!

    Ive been preaching the Evils of Facebook. for years hell that movie was a mass user grab! Even Ford Used targeted ads over the crap 6 speed trans in wife's 2016 Focus trying to lead me to a Pro'Ford lawyer that would have got me tops $2300 back not a Buy back of the whole car. so last week when...
  11. MrScalia

    So I have looking to buy an

    Lincoln !! I was open to town car ,Conti what ever I can pull the cash together for I'm set income . So I had all them "let it go" and such from selling my bike .... So I start looking I find this guy who replys to back . It's in National City. You know every city has a bad Town side of town...
  12. MrScalia

    I'm back !!

    It's been like 2010 or so , I'm divorced and remarried. Bought a few Ford's for the new for the new wife . I've been on 2 different Aprilia touring bikes . Last 8 or so years I just put down payment on this 2001 LS 5 speed . With 57k Pacific Blue special order ... I didn't see it listed as...
  13. MrScalia

    What does everyone use for Vin check ?

    In the new world of letitgo apps Buying a call is shittier then ever . Carfax is too much to start off. I found one was about it do it . It was $1 a run .. then I read how people are getting charged 18 a month ... Thanks it's been 8 years since my Town car was totaled .
  14. MrScalia

    First post in 8 years .

    I've been on 2 wheels for the last 8 years . I'm looking to buy the 2005 Ls V6 with 74k What should I be looking for that would be going out soon or would have been replaced . BTW she's asking $4500 Any input would be great . Thanks
  15. MrScalia

    Blend door info

    anyone have any input on doing the blend door on 1997 town car ?
  16. MrScalia

    is that site down ??
  17. MrScalia

    Well I sold my 1994 Mark VIII

    I ended up selling it to my sons friend . He should be on here by now.
  18. MrScalia

    Im thinking about getting a 1999 Conti

    Im selling my 1994 Mark ..... and I found a 1999 Continental : 1999 Lincoln Continental, 4 door sedan, Non-smoking car Exterior: Blue Interior: Grey, Leather Mileage: 93,000 moon roof CD changer heated seats keyless entry Tinted glass Air bags anything this year I have to...
  19. MrScalia

    hybird scooter

    back in April I got a 150cc scooter . well last week I got this kit off ebay this thing works ... before I installed the kit top speed was 55 MPH with the kit 66MPH
  20. MrScalia

    Italian Tomato Garden

    An old Italian lived alone in New Jersey . He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but it was very difficult work, as the ground was hard. His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament: Dear Vincent, I...