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    For Sale Two Manual Transmission Lincoln (parts) - Orange Co, NY

    I have two LS with manual transmissions I need to get rid of. I do not want to part out and prefer to sell both to one person. Black one 2000 LS I've owned for 17 years. Bought it with 35K now at 190K. Has been used as a daily drive all year with numerious trips to Vermont in the winter...
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    No crank

    Just a quick question. I have a no crank problem with my 2000 LS V6 MT. I get nothing, no clicks no dimming lights. The PATS is functioning correctly, slow flash before inserting the key, stays on for 3-4 seconds when I try cranking. I swapped out the relay and got same result. I checked...
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    Another Good Bye

    Well after 14 years and 158K miles (plus the 38K it had when I purchased it) as my main vehicle, I have bought the replacement for my 2000 LS V6 MT. For the first time in my life I will own a car with an automatic transmission a 2004 Jaguar XJ8 with 60K miles. The Lincoln will stick around for...
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    ForScan connection issue

    I have been having several issues with the LS lately and decided to get a PC based scanner to see if it would help. I downloaded a version of ForScan and purchased an ELM237 (Ford Modified w/can switch). When ever I try to connect to the LS I get "Unable to connect to vehicle. Please make sure...
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    Bad run of luck

    Well in May I will have had the LS for 14 years and 160,000 miles (I purchase it used). Not sure I will make it there. During the summer the rear bearing started getting really loud. I dreaded the job but ordered a new bearing and proceeded to remove the rear knuckle and press the bearing...
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    Front parking brake cable Gen one

    Ordered a new one but need to remove the old one. I have the console off and pulled the inner cable from the sheath. I will need to remove the sheath to install the new cable. The cable snakes back toward the rear seat. I can get the front half off but how is the rear (of the front cable)...
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    CV Joint failed

    So after the long process of changing the rear wheel bearing. I finally had the car back on the road. I had driven ~40 miles. On Thanksgiving I load it up and head down to NYC for dinner. Around 10 miles from home I start going up a hill and find that the the engine is rev'ing but I'm not...
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    Secondary Air Flow insufficient P0411

    2000 V6 MT 190,000 miles. I had this code 3 or 4 years ago and it was corrosion on the relay connector (caused by a front end accident that damaged the splash shield on the driver's side). I cleaned up the contacts and was fine until August when the code returned. Hoping for a better repair...
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    Am I crazy?

    My 2000 LS V6 MT has 188K miles runs well but is fairly well rusted underneath. My car plans were to drive it through the winter. After a fourth winter on my snows they would not be useful as snow tires. The summer tires should be good for all of next spring summer and fall. During that time...
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    Miles YOU put on your LS

    OK not how many miles on the car but how many put on during your ownership. 150K (bought with high 30s now at high 180s)
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    Fuel leak when fueling

    Went to get fuel today. While pumping, the attendant started yelling for me to stop pumping. Fuel was coming out of and landing on the ground. I got maybe 3 gallons in the tank and a pint on the ground (though it was come out quite fast after I stopped pumping). Drove where I was going...
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    Rear toe specs

    Is +0.13 +/-0.13 correct (so from 0 to 0.26 inches) positive toe each side correct? 2000 LS Sports suspension MT5 Thanks
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    Upper radiator hose rant

    Just got a replacement upper radiator hose (the fitting to the throttle body snapped off my original) for my 2000 V6. It looks fine (Rock Auto UR Part) but the lower fitting going to a heater hose is too large (one inch rather than the 3/4 inch on the OEM) so off I go looking for an adapter.
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    ABS light

    So I checked the codes and got C1234 No signal right front sensor C1236 No signal left rear sensor Changed the right front sensor, cleared the codes and started the drive. Light came back on. Codes are C1234 No signal right front sensor C1236 No signal left rear sensor Before I...
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    Guess I was overdue

    Well little things are starting to go. Changed the driveshaft center bearing in May (man there a lot of rust under there). Installed two new mufflers while I had the exhaust down. Last week the car overheated. Having never changed any of the components of the cooling system (drive belt was...
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    Brake fluid loss

    Before I tear into it, I was looking for any input on usual places (yes I've searched the site) to look for a brake fluid leak. Background - 2000 LS driven by me for over 10 years on heavily salted roads. Last weekend the brake pedal went soft and the warning light came on. I topped up the...
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    Abs Sensor codes

    I have the following codes C1234 No signal right front sensor C1236 No signal left rear sensor Is there any significance to two diagonal sensors failing? I will be looking at the car this coming weekend. Thanks
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    Brake warning light

    2000 LS V6 Manual Trans (so no traction control, stability control, or message center). Taking the car for its annual State Inspection and the brake warning light comes on. No problem I stop and check the fluid level and it seems full but I fill it to the filler neck (it takes a couple of...
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    Slow fill

    2000 LS, no check engine lights, no codes. a year and a half ago my car was hit (left front) while parked, requiring replacement of left ball joint, left sway bar link, left upper control arm, left tie rod end (outer) plus bumper and hood. Ever since then I've had to slowly fill the fuel...
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    Which Shocks from Ford

    I had another thread going on front end noise. Since the thinking there was its likely the front shocks, I'm investigating which ones to order. I've searched and didn't find any good write-ups on which shocks are which for 6 cylinder cars (mine's a 2000 V6 with Manual Transmission). The...