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  1. M4rk

    Gen II Parts for Sale - Trunk Lid, Surround, Inner Tails

    ** I posted in the FS sub-forum but no one goes there :) ** Hi folks, I need to clear out some extra parts I no longer have a need for since the LS is gone...
  2. M4rk

    For Sale LS Gen II Parts - Trunk Lid, Lic Plate Surround, Tail Lamps (CAD)

    Hi folks, I need to clear out some extra parts I no longer have a need for since the LS is gone. Please PM only as I will not be actively monitoring this topic. For a quick shipping quote, include both your city and area/zip code please. Parts for: Gen II Lincoln LS (03-06) Item 1...
  3. M4rk

    My LS Looks Different!

    Well guys, after nearly 5.5 years of ownership it was finally time to let her go and move on... A fellow LVC'er picked up my LS today and drove her home. As my first car, I part with a heavy hart and will certainly miss it, but I now have a new toy to enjoy and focus my energy (and spend...
  4. M4rk

    FS: OEM Splash Guards & Gen II Chrome Surround

    Since no one looks in the FS section I'll post here. You must have minimum of 10 posts to buy anything, sorry. Will ship to USA/Canada only. 1: OEM Lincoln Splash Guards, full set of 4 OEM Lincoln accessory. Condition: Used, good condition. The plastic cleaned up very well. Does not include...
  5. M4rk

    For Sale LS Gen II Chrome Surround

    For Sale: Lincoln LS Gen II (2003-2006) rear license plate surround, chrome. Condition: Used I have my original surround up for grabs. It used to be wrapped in black vinyl, which when I took off left glue residue behind in some areas. Should be easy to remove with some elbow grease. - No...
  6. M4rk

    DIY Transmission Full Fluid Exchange (Flush)

    Since my 2003 LS V8 is over 10 years old with nearly 100k miles (160k km) on the clock, I decided to finally change my transmission fluid and filter. It's well known that dropping the pan only yields about 5qt of fluid, which is barely half of the full system capacity. To change all of the fluid...
  7. M4rk

    Itronics ITB-100HD Dashcam Install

    I have had my GoPro Hero 960 serving as a dashcam for about 1.5 years now, and while it has done its job just fine, it started to become somewhat of a pain to manually operate. I would always forget if I actually turned it on as I just did it all automatically. The low-light performance of my...
  8. M4rk

    DIY: Window Regulator Replacement VIDEO

    Accidentally came across this comprehensive DIY window regulator replacement video for a Gen I LS. Hope it's not a repost :) Enjoy! How To: Replace 2000 Lincoln LS Window Motor and Track - YouTube
  9. M4rk

    Transmission/OD Servo Issue (?)

    So this is me in SST, going into 2nd, followed by a jerk and the nasty noise. Car returned to normal after a restart. My research indicates I have worn out my OD servo bore, which is a common issue on 5R55 transmissions. OD Servo Bore Problem - YouTube Getting a full fluid exchange as...
  10. M4rk

    Tuneup Time

    Saw this one coming.. Taking off from a light, car shifted into second, immediately followed by an immense judder felt throughout the entire vehicle, more predominantly in the middle/rear of the vehicle. Pulled into a parking lot right away and reproduced it in 2nd gear via SST. I should have...
  11. M4rk

    So I went for a drive and...

    ...and I bought a new lens! Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 :) Couldn't resist, so I just had to snap some quick pics of my LS: And then, from outta' nowhere, I spotted something hawt emerging from the distance. I squinted a little and saw this... But who is this guy??!! OH! It's...
  12. M4rk

    Nail in Tire

    Hey guys, As I was about to Plasti-Dip my fourth (winter) wheel, while inspecting the tire and removing any stuck pebbles I came across this little SOB stuck in the tread! Should I just cut it off and let it be, or pull it out and attempt to fix it myself? Cheers!
  13. M4rk

    Coil Boot Corrosion

    Just saw this on Reddit: "Why you don't wash Fords under the hood." Sure enough it was an LS.
  14. M4rk

    Breaks Grinding?

    Hey mens, I have been hearing some grinding noice coming from my breaks when I break at a stop light and stuff. I took the rim off and took a picture: Halp?
  15. M4rk

    MA/RI/Providence Members

    Hey guys, Mlara posted a CL ad for some wonderful Jag wheels I've been dreaming of for a while, but of course they are not even remotely close to me (Canada). I sent the guy an email, but haven't heard back. According to the ad, they are located in Johnston, RI. Would someone be willing...
  16. M4rk

    Gen II 17" Sport Wheel Center Caps

    Does anyone have a spare center cap, for the Gen II Sport wheel style as below? Mine flew off while taking a corner, and suffered extensive cosmetic damage (luckily I was able to make a U-turn and retrieve it). Plus it has 2 of the tabs missing (bought it that way) so it's bound to happen again...
  17. M4rk

    For $2,600, Make Your Mark

    Saw this on Jalopnik today, thought someone might enjoy it :)
  18. M4rk

    Brake Fluid Capacity

    Does anyone know how much brake fluid these cars take? I will be changing my fluid soon, and it's on sale right now :D It's also not listed in my owner's manual. Thanks!
  19. M4rk

    HomeLink Question

    Hey guys, Last weekend I fixed my leaking sunroof drain which involved pulling the headliner down (and leaving the sun visor hanging by the wire). Since then the range of my HomeLink has become about 10% of what it used to be.. is it possible I broke something up there? Thanks!
  20. M4rk

    Spring Photoshoot

    First proper photoshoot of 2012 (and possibly the last of my LS) after a detail (wash, clay, sealant, wax, tips polished, wheels waxed). These turned out extremely sharp thanks to my new lens. High-res available apart from the last one. Enjoy :) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.