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  1. DuKeNoMaD

    Ok guys. New question for suspension.

    Did you replace the sway bar to frame bushings? That's where my front end clunk was coming from.
  2. DuKeNoMaD

    V6 vs V8 suspension

    The cut coils I removed had red tags, not sure but I think the ones from the wrecker were green. And the V6 car was a base V6 2002 mine is a 2000 with no special options like sst. But came with the glovebox 6 disc changer. So idk. And yes the lower control arms in the front were loosened when I...
  3. DuKeNoMaD

    V6 vs V8 suspension

    Have noticed my car rides lower than most after changing out my cut coils and factory shocks to a set I grabbed from a V6 at the wrecker...are the V6 springs a lower spring rate?
  4. DuKeNoMaD

    Gen 2 LS V8 Valve Covers Low Price

    Awesome! I need a passenger side one..too bad no no coil covers
  5. DuKeNoMaD

    Gen 2 LS V8 Valve Covers Low Price

    Now if only they had the gen 1
  6. DuKeNoMaD

    PreAmp Leads from Harness?

    Your on the right route, my ls came originally with the rear sub and amp but was long gone by the time I came upon it, I tried for a while to pin out the proper lines to have a factory style amp. Only success I had was using the old harness for a remote turn on but even that was problematic as...
  7. DuKeNoMaD

    2003 Lincoln LS Stereo System Question

    A small (300w) 2 ch sub amp for the rear 6x9 subs is more than enough, and as for the door speakers, running another 4 ch amp you won't see much improvement over your already high quality head unit. As for why it cuts out now the 3 ohm subs u used should actually reduce the strain on the...
  8. DuKeNoMaD

    Lowering springs

    Huh?. How so. The ball joint if installed correctly won't have any play, and 1 inch lower is within the normal suspension cycle.
  9. DuKeNoMaD

    Hayden vs Flex-A-Lite

    For your application the Hayden unit should do just fine...and for about half the price of a flex-a-lite. I replaced the hyd cooling fan in my 00 V8 with one and it's been working flawlessly for over a month now
  10. DuKeNoMaD

    Hydraulic to Electric Cooling Fan

    I went the universal Hayden 16" fan and controller route... grafted the electric fan motor in to the original shroud. Had no luck with the aftermarket fan controller so Wired it up with a relay to come on with ignition. Haven't had one cooling issue since...and have had no issues with major...
  11. DuKeNoMaD

    Bank 2 error/high rpm miss

    Ok so I have a cyl 7 missfire for a while now, only pops up after a bit if a drive (new plugs and coils so not that) and of course have a bank 1 rich/bank 2 lean that goes with it..but now an having a high rpm miss/starving issue (4500-5000 and up) looking thru forscan and my fuel syst I have...
  12. DuKeNoMaD

    What did you do to your LS today?

    Finished my halos
  13. DuKeNoMaD

    What did you do to your LS today?

    There on and look gooooood
  14. DuKeNoMaD

    What did you do to your LS today?

    Picked up these clean 18's.. ordered 3mm spacers...just need tires now
  15. DuKeNoMaD

    Will these Injectors & filter work?

    Filter looks right if it's the one shown in second picture. Injectors im not sure¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. DuKeNoMaD

    Hyd cooling fan pump question

    Thanks guys, since I posted this up I realized that the reason it backed off was the bracket that bolts that end of the pipe to the pump decided to walk away? But nonetheless I have decided to do an electric fan conversion. Have a Hayden 16 " universal and adjustable switch. Going to start on it...
  17. DuKeNoMaD

    Hyd cooling fan pump question

    Yeah I figured it eventually...was just pissed when it happened. Ordered everything for the electric conversion...fuck this old system.
  18. DuKeNoMaD

    Hyd cooling fan pump question

    Tried luck. Can anyone tell me what size wrench fits on the hard line (pressure side) from the pump to the motor. Not the side on the motor but the pump side. Mine decided to loosen off and now I'm losing fluid and overheating. Sort term solution I want to snug it up but going to do...
  19. DuKeNoMaD

    Official LS Picture Thread

    What Jag wheels are those bud?. And j on air? 10/10
  20. DuKeNoMaD

    Drivers Side Last Bolt on Coil Pack Cover Removal - 2005 LS V8

    I run chevron 94 exclusively