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  1. The ls ss

    New tie rods

    Ok, I need new rear tie rods, the hub can move about a 1/16in side to side. Anyone have a suggestion on replacements? And I would prefer not yo buy motorcraft, as I am selling it after I fix it, and at 140 per tie rod, that gets to be money.
  2. The ls ss

    Wanted Aftermarket ls exhaust and spoiler.

    I am looking for an aftermarket Ls exhaust, let me know what you have and would be willing to get rid of. I am also in search of an Ls spoiler.
  3. The ls ss

    Lowering springs

    I would like to lower my ls. Here is the question, will a eibach pro kit fit the ls? Or are there different sized springs for different cars? Also, how much would it be lowered?
  4. The ls ss

    Original bushings?

    I bought a 2002 v8 with 166,000 mi about 5 months ago, and went to contact the mechanic that the previous owner had taken it to. And guess what, the guys number is disconnected, joy. So I was going to get a list of parts that were replaced, but there goes that idea. Now here is my question, on...
  5. The ls ss

    For Sale Some calipers, etc from 2002 ls v8

    Some guy on craigslist has these for sale. Talked to him , said he would do 50 for the 2 loaded front calipers, one rear caliper, one coil, and a drivers side outer tailight. Can pick up local, but would probably ship too. Here is the post.2001-2003 Lincoln LS V8 Parts - auto parts - by owner -...
  6. The ls ss

    Some painting questions

    I was going to ask this on the detailing forum, but there has not been any activity there for a long while. So I need to do some painting of a rear plate surround, and a bumper, as well as hopefully touch up some scratches in the paint on the door and hood. How should I paint it? I want to stay...
  7. The ls ss

    Factory amp

    Ok, so my Ls has the factory subs, but does it have a seperate external amp for the 4 door speakers?
  8. The ls ss

    Timing chain tensioners

    I have a 2002 v8. I am hearing a bit of a clicking sound from the passenger side of the engine. I assume it is the timing chain tensioner beginning to fail. It is cold here, and I do not have easy access to a garage right now. The question is, can I run it as-is until spring when it is warm and...
  9. The ls ss

    Wanna get rid of some coilovers?

    If anyone on this forum has an extra used set of coilovers they want to sell (or cheap new ones), please pm me, I am looking for a set.
  10. The ls ss

    General maintenance

    Is there anything I should do to my car to keep it running well? At least besides regular oil changes.
  11. The ls ss

    What grille is this?

    My 2002 Ls super sport came with this. I assume it was part of the appearance package. Does this type of grille have a name?
  12. The ls ss

    Extra hp?

    I am young and inexperienced, but willing to learn, so dont be surprised if I ask somewhat obvious questions. But people say the ls is underpowered, if you want more hp, couldnt you replace the injectors with bigger ones, and a bigger fuel pump to accommodate the need for more gas. Im sure you...
  13. The ls ss

    Lambo doors?

    I've been playing with the idea of putting lambo doors on my ls. Does anyone have any reviews on how well they work, how easy exit and entry are, and how hard they are to install?
  14. The ls ss

    2002 ls wont sport shift into 1st

    I am new to the ls world, but I am loving it. Go v8s. And v6's. No 1.8 L stuff. Anyways, when I use the sport shift on my 2002 ls, It won't go into 1st gear, on the digital screen it only goes down to 2. The tranny shifts just fine, is it normal for all these cars, or is there something wrong...