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  1. weezyls03

    been too long

    it's been quite a while since I've been on here wow. checking in on my Pennsylvania people. ready for Carlisle yet because I'm nowhere near ready
  2. weezyls03

    04 lincoln ls seat

    Looking for a drivers seat for a 2004 Lincoln ls. it has the 8 point memory, roof airbags, and it is heated and cooled. it's been quite the needle in a haystack. I'm also the parts manager at a collision shop and no junkyards have any. if anyone has one it would be greatly appreciated thanks
  3. weezyls03

    wtb 04 lincoln ls rear end items

    i'm looking for rear end items for my 04 ls. Im pretty sure the u joints are going bad from all of the knocking going in and out of park, reverse, and drive. my driveshaft is also rusted pretty bad so i'd like that also if anyone has them. thanks!
  4. weezyls03

    gen 2 lse rear bumper

    Well i havent had my car for a month yet and soneone already rear ended me. Instead of getting another regular bumper id like to find an lse bumper. Ill buy it anywhere i can get it as long as i can get it and not from the dealership. Thanks in advance.
  5. weezyls03

    great buy from ATrom

    i purchased an alignment kit and it's here. don't have any complaints at all :D
  6. weezyls03

    rockauto store credit

    I have store credit at rockauto for $61.79 and don't really need it for anything. The credit expires on may 8th. If interested I will forward you the e-mail. It would be nice to get something in return for this so let me know what you have. Thanks!!
  7. weezyls03

    need to buy tires

    I bought my sentas but now I need some tires. I've been reading on them a little and I've seen that ppl can run up to 275's in the back. what do a few folks run on here just out of curiousity? if possible, i'd like to run 255/35/20 front and 275/35/20 in the back if possible meaning no rubbing...
  8. weezyls03

    a good suv?

    i need some feedback on some suv's. i've never owned one but i need a reasonably priced one around 20-25k. it's for the wife to haul the kids around in and a van will never be discussed about. feedback would be greatly appreciated! thanks!!
  9. weezyls03

    great buy from mlara1129

    Bought a genII LSE spoiler from him and the shipping was next day as I was told. will keep buying stuff from him if the opportunities come up. (that is if it's ok with the ball and chain) :F
  10. weezyls03

    new toy

    i'm gonna be buying myself a new household defense system next month. it's a commemorative rifle that will be sold for being overseas. it'll have engravings on it saying 3-101 infantry on the magazine holder and it'll have a tori on the pistol grip. it's a sig516 patrol fde:D
  11. weezyls03

    wtb gen2 lse tails

    I know this is a long shot but it's worth a try. I'm looking for gen2 lse tail lights and don't wanna get raped at a dealer. I've looked on numerous web sites and haven't found anything. Why did LS koncepts have to out of business :mad: