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  1. brooke

    Hardwiring DVD headrests 04 Lincoln ls

    I'm hardwiring dvd headrests into my 04 Lincoln ls. My son hates car rides with a purple passion unless he has William watermoore to watch lol. I'm a cheap ass and picked up two rockville audio headrests brand new for 50.they didn't come with the box dealie that you plug them into in the vehicle...
  2. brooke

    Possible dccv?

    When my car is in park and idle it'll kick heat, but when I take it out on the high way the temp gage goes completely cold and starts to blow cold air. If I drive it that way for awhile it'll eventually over heat. First off sorry, I have a Lincoln ls 2004 v8 premium sport I believe. I've check...
  3. brooke

    Cam phazers leaking

    What's the deal with this? How urgent should it be on my list of things that need my attention to fix?should this be, towards the top?
  4. brooke

    Help reading freeze frame

    What's up with my fuel systems?04 Lincoln ls v8 with 165,xxx miles
  5. brooke

    Weird noise only in first under load

    I have a 04 Lincoln ls v8 with approximately 165000 miles. Occasionally I have a dtc set p0401.i have a code reader,I just reset that when it comes in for now. I've got bigger fish to fry. When I take off in first it sounds like something may be catching on the drive shaft??I can almost feel it...
  6. brooke

    Curiosity did kill the cat, so that's why I'm just asking

    I have an 04 Lincoln ls v8. Absolutely love this car.... Just recently got my license back and can "legally" drive her lol wondering do these cars have a governor in them or how fast do they actually go?
  7. brooke

    Service parking brake

    What exactly does this mean and entail? Assuming something electrical since it's an electric parking brake?