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  1. Frat-man-du

    For Sale ‘98 LSC toreador red $1,000

    Located in Gainesville, VA I think I have given up, to old n tired to wrench on three cars... I bought this car 20 yrs ago and babied ever since. I have a huge book of all the records and receipts. The bad... Rear air shocks on the ground Front pump in trans groans when cold Front...
  2. Frat-man-du

    Wanted Mark VIII Rear Airbags with valves in good shape and or pump

    Or suggestions of Good aftermarket units... bought a Dorman and relay was in wrong spot, mounting holes were not even close and 'dryer' was an empty tank... sigh no pride in product anymore. So sticking with use OEM or a recommendation on solid aftermarket stuff... Thanks! Jim 98 LSC
  3. Frat-man-du

    Need 97-98 steering column

    My column moves around a bit too much for my liking so I need better one... Before it drops in my lap... The potentiometer can be bad As mine is new. Anyone got a decent one? Also can use the steering column cover on top, the big bump mine the tabs broke so it’s loose on one side... see...
  4. Frat-man-du

    Wanted WTB Mark VIII 10 spoke chrome center caps

    Mark VIII 10 spoke chrome center cap (2). Thanks!
  5. Frat-man-du

    For Sale WTB chrome 10 spoke drivers side

    Need for my 98 Mark VIII, got one leaking around the rim it’s gotten so corroded. Prefer great shape... I have a New center cap so don’t care if it’s missing. Thanks!
  6. Frat-man-du

    Need to buy F3LY3A187A Bushing Kit (Strut rod)

    Gotta be OEM this time - looked on line and Baker's Lincoln sold me the one kit they had.. I need another, anyone have set they are willing to part with? Not doing the Moog/aftermarket again... Thanks '98 LSC
  7. Frat-man-du

    Check engine light... Stupid fix

    OK... Been using Gulf Premium fuel for three years, since the station opened. A couple weeks ago the CEL came on... First thing I do was replace the original old fuel cap... No change... Free Well unfortunately my 98 LSC computer port under the dash has no wires connected do I can't easily get...
  8. Frat-man-du

    Need to Buy 97-98 sliding roof track assemby

    OK mines stuck in a cockeyed position and spent a weekend going thorugh the adjustment process. Took to Ford and after 10 days say they track is bad bt parts cant be found, new or used... Silly dealer... you didnt ask LVC... So please let me know whacha got. Dont need the motor but if you...
  9. Frat-man-du

    Help... need caliper bracket bolts 98 Mark VIII

    I had one come out and the other sheared off Any one got a pair I can buy? I can do PayPal fast!!!
  10. Frat-man-du

    Need a tan sun roof access panel for GenII

    better know as interior roof access cover... mine literally fell apart and cant see to locate one. Thanks!
  11. Frat-man-du

    Strut arm bolt size

    1998 Mark VIII... Anyone know off hand the nut sizes on the strut arm... At the frame??? I think it's 27mm but can't tell as I don't have a wrench that big >.< Thanks!
  12. Frat-man-du

    Crystal View Head light Restorer

    I just happed to see this stuff at Advanced Auto and they had it on sale for $12 a couple of weeks ago, so I bought it. It is a silver bag that contains some sandpaper (1000 and 2500 grit if I remember correctly), couple pouches of a rubbing/polishing compound, couple pouches of a new clear...
  13. Frat-man-du

    98 LSC Stalls in Reverse

    OK- had the battery off two weeks ago while doing my blend door and Potentiometer fixes - now the car stalls in reverse -not every time but consistent enough to tick me off. It has been long enough for the computer to relearn my habits. I back in the driveway at night - no problems -...
  14. Frat-man-du

    No again!

    Well the blend door motor went again - even with the reinforcement! Fun fun! Lasted 4 years this time. I also rebuilt my Potentiometer - well just cleaned it out and applied a good dose of die-electric grease. Lasted 4 years as well. Only issue I has was the little dampener cable on the...
  15. Frat-man-du

    caveat emptor Upper Control Arms

    Well it is time to do the Driver's side upper control arm on my 98 MARK. I went to the not so Advanced Auto Parts, ordered the TRW arm for the Mark VIII (my Dad has my welder in SC) - waited an abnormal 4 days for the arm and when I get home I find the box contains the T-Bird upper control arm...
  16. Frat-man-du

    GEN II Mark VIII - Multi-function Switch

    Anyone have a good chrome button for sale? I don't need the whole $270 switch just the chrome button broke a tab and popped out.Turnsignals and wipers work, just the fluid button broke:( This looks to be a 97-98 only part.
  17. Frat-man-du

    1997 Conti -Messed up ad. I guess since Volvo and Lincoln are under Ford they figured they must be the same -either that or the body shop ordered the wrong body panels. I would love to see the CARFAX certificate! :p
  18. Frat-man-du

    Great Rainy Monday and the MArk Wont Start

    Well at least the Giants won and it ain't snowing. Hopped in the Gen II this morning and it started for a second or two then died. After turning off the key it waitng a couple seconds and attempting to restart I just get a high pitched screach, not even the normal turnover but not starting...
  19. Frat-man-du

    Gen Ii Neon

    Sorry I need a quick rant... I have been away for a few days and while I was out my was stopped by an officer who advised the center neon lamp was out. My wife being very sweet didn't want me to come home and find out she took the Mark VIII for a spin, so took it to a Ford Dealer to get it...
  20. Frat-man-du

    Anyone try MOTOBLUE COPs?

    Anyone had luck with these COPs on their GenII?