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  1. RodLS

    200,000 and a Turbo

    I hit 200,000 with my LS this past week. :wrench Way back when I first got it in 2010 with 80,000 miles. 4x4 engaged. Had a little accident one icy morning. Some vehicles in front of me decided to pile up on an iced over bridge. After the wreck. Lowered on Eibachs and angel...
  2. RodLS

    FS: 18" Jaguar Tucanas

    Size—18x8 Offset—49 They look good in the pictures but up close there is some dings by the lug holes and some scratches. I'm not really sure how much these are worth, PM for details and price.
  3. RodLS

    Fog Light Housing Breaking

    A couple of months ago my brother noticed one of my fog lights was shattered. The glass lens was completely smashed, just some pieces around the edge left. I replaced both sides with new housings. Yesterday while washing my car I noticed the same side was broke again. This time just a crack...
  4. RodLS

    New wheels - Jaguar Tucana

    The rain finally stop long enough for a quick wash and some pictures.
  5. RodLS

    Calendar pictures?

    I got myself a new camera and still tying to learn how to use it. Are these pictures good enough? For some reason the angle eyes are coming out purple and the fogs are white even though they both are 6k :confused: 1. 2. 3.
  6. RodLS

    LS out for a while :(

    Yesterday morning i was heading to work following an Explorer and Tacoma. The Explorer turned onto an icy bridge and slid around sideways. The Tacoma followed and plowed into the passenger side door. I was right behind the Tacoma and stepped on the brakes and slid into the high curb on the side...
  7. RodLS

    Pearl White 2006 Lincoln LS V8 (Pictures)

    Hi everybody. Ive been on here for a while but haven't posted pictures of my LS. I bought it about 4 months ago with 80,000 miles and now it has 92,000. It has every option that i know of except for parking aid and rear heated seats. I washed my car and decided to take some pictures. They...