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  1. dNyce LS

    non driving mofo + LS = ?

    Within an hour before this, i was in a great mood. cleaned the car, bought my wife her valentines stuff, etc. Then someone decides to make a hard right turn on a 50mph road from the far left lane (i was going about 40ish)
  2. dNyce LS

    Weekend of 3/22-3/24

    Hey LVC Im planning to visit some family and friends up in NJ march 22-24. Anyone in the area want to meet up at all if they are free? Ill be in the east orange, newark, union, etc. area Ill bump this thread as the date gets closer:)
  3. dNyce LS


    2000 v8 non sst This morning my car lost 2nd and reverse, and pretty much fifth. You cam feel the initial engagement, but it doesnt hold the gear. From what i have read (using a lame android phone) it may be low fluid, bad solenoid, or murdered tranny. Kind of just venting a little...
  4. dNyce LS

    took a road trip

    This is just a random post My family and I took a road trip from MD to NC to TN. 18 hrs of driving, and I only see ONE ls...and that was in TN. stock silver gen 2 (ultimate)
  5. dNyce LS

    My LS Link to my for sale thread
  6. dNyce LS

    2000 LS v8

    Hey LVC! Im sad to do this but my LS is for sale. 3400 or best reasonable offer. Gen one v8 136,xxx miles (still being driven so miles will go up) Black with dark gray interior To my knowledge it needs 2 inner tie rods, clockspring, and the rear to links have some play, center console...
  7. dNyce LS

    I tried searching

    I really did lol. But using an ipod isnt the easiest to search on. I have no sound from my interior speakers. My subs still play, just no doors. Is there an amp that controls/powers the cabin speakers that could have blown? Or does anyone have any ideas of what to check?
  8. dNyce LS

    Ahhww Sooky Sooky Now!!!

    :D:D:D My LS before And now
  9. dNyce LS

    Another New Jersey meet?

    So, i'm supposed to be going back to jersey this weekend. It'd be great if there was another meet to make it worth going. Im just the driver for this trip. You guys think you'll be available Sunday?
  10. dNyce LS

    Raced the LS, against an LS

    Just wanted to share this. Last night my friend and i (2 seperate cars) were on our way to meet up with my car club. I see an ls pull out the gas station and take off fast to beat the traffic coming. He gets stopped at the traffic light first in line. I pulled up next to him, but turned...
  11. dNyce LS

    New Jersey Members

    Who's in northern nj area that might want to meet up or whatever this weekend? (Oct 8 and 9)
  12. dNyce LS


    seen a green gen 2 today with angel!!! anyway, there are plenty of LS's in my area (MD, VA), too many to not have a meet lol. I dont know if any of you are on here (member or lurker, doesnt matter) but lets get a meet going. You dont have to have a modded car to have a meet...
  13. dNyce LS

    Baltimore County/City LS:::potential meet???

    Any bmore county (and surrounding areas) members trying to have a meet or anything? Think it would be cool to see other peoples mods in person instead of on my phone/computer
  14. dNyce LS

    windshield's done!

    40% with a 20% strip. The strip isn't where I had it before (that blows). hahaaa got that tinted windshield Before After And the comparison pic (idea from andrizzle's thread)
  15. dNyce LS

    moment of silence for the 20's...

    Final moment of the 20s on the car...i was so sad lol not too sad anymore. I like this look a lot better! Only things i need now are spacers on the rear
  16. dNyce LS

    HD lip

    Finally got around to installing this. Looks way better than it did 20 minutes before the pics lol. I still have to add double sided tape in some areas to smooth it out better Awwww Yeeaaah! New front lip is hyea (here)
  17. dNyce LS

    noooo moooorrrree chrooooome!!!

    Finally painted the chrome on the bumpers, now it looks like a sport model lol. Still have to get the rear surround and top part of the grille (this week) BEFORE AFTER thnx for looking
  18. dNyce LS

    new mod!

    NEW MOD!!!!!! and just a few pics of the car and the new mod, hid reverse lights (not the final color, just what i had extra) get the hid kit the result
  19. dNyce LS

    gen 1 rear power outlet (or whatever its called)

    wanted to know if i can just buy the rear vent with the power port on it to use a phone charger (or other things) in the back. Or do i need the whole console to do that. My car does not have it for the rear and i need one for my son's tv
  20. dNyce LS

    gen 1 auto headlamps

    does anyone know of a way that one can stop the headlights (and fogs) from coming on (for that 3 seconds to 3 minutes) when the car is started?