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  1. 97 Mark VIII LSC

    97 Mark VIII LSC

    All-stock fully loaded LSC with 170k miles
  2. Uncle Sherm

    Found WTB: 1997 OEM Lincoln Cell phone

    I haven't found one yet, so if you find yours, contact me and we can work something out. Thanks!
  3. Uncle Sherm

    Found WTB: 1997 OEM Lincoln Cell phone

    I'm looking for the phone that mounted in the center console, just for completeness' sake. The mounting cradle that it sits in would be nice, too. It looks like this:
  4. Uncle Sherm

    Only seeing white smoke out of rear driver’s side tail pipe Po133, Po103 and now Po170

    White smoke usually tells me the Head Gasket is bad and you have coolant getting into the cylinder.
  5. Uncle Sherm

    How do you find your car's history?

    I have a 1968 Pontiac LeMans, and for $75 and the VIN I can get the Dealer Order Form, Dealer Invoice, Press release, etc. for my car from Pontiac Historical Services. Is there a similar service available for Lincolns? If I want to know exactly what my 1997 Mark VIII LSC's sticker price was with...
  6. Uncle Sherm

    Could some of you guys help me troubleshoot this issue?

    For me, it is the spark plug tube seal that needs to be replaced on the underside of the valve cover. I don't think the valve cover gasket has a problem at all, but I haven't had an opportunity to pull the cover off to find out.
  7. Uncle Sherm

    Could some of you guys help me troubleshoot this issue?

    I'm going to bump this thread because I had a similar problem this week in my 97 LSC. As I came to a stop light, the engine started feeling pretty rough and the check engine light started blinking. I took it to a shop near work and the mechanic found oil in the spark plug well. Now he wants...
  8. Uncle Sherm

    96-98 cobra intake question.

    I remember seeing this video from Mark VIII Addicts on YouTube that said the Mustang cable is too short, too, so she used a throttle cable from Lokar and a relocated Mustang cruise control module. This is a project I've considered myself, so if you document your efforts here, I'd certainly...
  9. Uncle Sherm

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    I replaced the serpantine belt and the hinge spring in the console this evening. I picked up some supplies to detail the engine compartment later this week.
  10. Uncle Sherm

    Center console hinge spring

    For posterity: I ended up using a 3/32" punch and small rubber mallet. The punch goes in the back end of the hinge, and drives the rod out the front.
  11. Uncle Sherm

    Center console hinge spring

    Hello guys I ordered the replacement spring from Temple Performance for my 97 LSC, but is there a trick to taking the hinge apart? There doesn't seem to be any retainer on the hinge rod, but it doesn't want to slide out from either end.
  12. Uncle Sherm

    Hello from Iowa

    It is hard to find a good V8 RWD coupe anymore that isn't a Mustang, Camaro, or some other sports car. I was looking for something older and more practical for daily driving, such as an old Mercury Cougar or Thunderbird, when I found a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC last spring. It is in beautiful...